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Taking Chance


This piece was originally written for a contest. Proud to say it took first place. Hope you enjoy this sexy, and slightly silly, Halloween short.


Taking Chance

By Oleander Plume


“Are you Vanessa?”


Vanessa looked down her nose at the scruffy young man standing before her. He had razor stubble, long shaggy hair that needed a good trim, or at least a comb run through it, and a huge grin. The smile was slightly charming, the rest she didn’t care for.

“They said you were pretty, but, holy crap.” He flopped into the chair across from hers and stuck out his hand. “Chance Mason, your blind date, except I can see just fine, which is good, because, uh, wow!” He struggled to keep his eyes on Vanessa’s face and not her amazing cleavage.

“Nice to meet you, Chance.”

Vanessa was dressed to kill in a snug red dress and her highest stilettos. Her date was dressed in a style that could be best described as ‘orphan chic’. A ratty tweed blazer that was missing all of its buttons was paired with a plaid shirt, then topped off with a striped tie. The entire ensemble made Vanessa cringe, although she did appreciate the tight faded jeans that showed off a large bulge.

Chance glanced around the crowded outdoor bistro. “Hoity toity, huh?” He stuck his nose in the menu. “Dang, I’m starving, what’s good?”

“They are well-known for their steaks.”

“Sounds good to me. Where’s the waiter?” Chance stuck his fingers in his mouth and let out a piercing whistle. The waiter rushed over, while Vanessa attempted to make herself invisible.

“I take it you are ready to order, sir?”

“Sure am, pal. Gimme your biggest steak, medium rare.”

“Very good, and for the lady?”

“Ask her, I’m not a mind reader, dude.”

“I’ll have a rare filet, please, with a small Caesar salad. And another glass of wine. No, make that a martini, a double martini. Gin.”

“Right away, miss.” The waiter shot her a sympathetic look before slithering away.

“Damn, you’re hot.” Chance pointed to Vanessa’s breasts. “Those are real, right?”

Vanessa glared at Chance and considered making a run for it, but there was something about his warm amber eyes that held her back. Then there was his intriguing scent, wild and male with a hint of animal lust.

“Tell me about yourself, Chance.”

“Not much to tell. I work the night shift at my dad’s landscaping company, I play bass in a rock band and I really like-”

Chance’s mouth dropped open and his eyes glazed over as a bike messenger sped past. He jumped from his seat and gave chase, disappearing around the corner as the waiter arrived with Vanessa’s martini.

“Thank you, Jules. I’ll need another right away.”

Vanessa drummed her red fingernails against the table top and frowned. This date was turning out to be just as disastrous as the last seven. She was making a mental note to remove her profile from, when Chance breathlessly returned to his chair.

“So, where were we?”

“You were telling me about yourself, it was quite fascinating.” Vanessa rolled her eyes.

“Sorry, doll.” Chance leaned closer and sniffed. “You smell good.” Vanessa tried to bite back a giggle, and failed. “So, hot stuff, what do you do with yourself?”

“I teach night courses at the university. I also dabble in poetry and oil painting.”

“Wow, classy broad.”

The waiter appeared with their food. “Could you cut into your steak, sir, and let me know if it has been prepared to your liking?” Chance stabbed the steak with his fork and took a large bite.

“Mmm, tasty. Can I get a beer?”


Vanessa stared at her plate as she cut a neat chunk from her rare filet. She chewed daintily while Chance wolfed his down, stopping only to lick his fingers. In seconds, all that was left of his porter house was the bone, which he gnawed on while eying Vanessa’s plate.

“You gonna eat that?”



The waiter returned with a mug of beer for Chance, and another martini for Vanessa. “Thank you, Jules. Could you please bring another steak for my friend?”

“Rare is fine.” Chance scooted his chair closer to Vanessa and brought a fistful of her long black hair to his nose. “You smell edible.” He leaned in and licked the front of her neck. “You taste even better. What do you say we blow this place and go have a little fun?” Chance wagged his eyebrows and growled.

Vanessa weighed her options and decided having hot sex with a man who was clearly beneath her was a better choice than going home alone to her vibrator. She also considered the possibility that Chance could be groomed and disciplined enough to be a proper gentleman. Either way, it would be an amusing challenge.

“Let’s finish dinner first, you do seem rather ravenous.”

“Babe, you have no idea-” Chance was interrupted when the waiter placed a bloody hunk of meat in front of him.

“Rare enough for you, sir?”

“Hell yeah, this is perfect. Thanks.”

Vanessa watched in horrified fascination as Chance picked up the wad of raw meat and bit into it. As the blood ran down his chin she felt her hunger stir. She leered at him, showing off her razor-sharp fangs.

“May I have a bite?”

Chance’s eyes grew wide. “You’re a vampire?”

Vanessa licked his chin, then nibbled on his ear. “You don’t have to fear me, wolf, I find you quite delectable.” Vanessa loosened Chance’s tie, revealing the leather collar he wore underneath.

“I would really like it if you didn’t touch that.”

Vanessa distracted Chance with more kisses while she stealthily pulled a silver leash from her handbag and clipped it to his collar.

“Now you’ll be my pet for the evening.” The thought of having such a sexy beast completely under her control gave Vanessa a heady rush of excitement.

“Damn it.” Chance groaned. “Silver chain, huh? How did you know?”

“The dating service didn’t specify, but, let’s face it darling, everything about you screams werewolf. Put it on my tab, Jules,” Vanessa said as she pulled Chance along behind her.
Chance pulled at his collar and whined. “I thought the date was going pretty good, too, boy am I an idiot. You’re a vamp, didn’t see that coming.”

Vanessa opened the passenger door of her black Corvette and shoved Chance inside. As she drove to her apartment, a bit of her mother’s dating advice floated around in her head.

“Never date a werewolf, Vanessa, they are impossible to control, and they rarely bathe.”

Her mother was right, werewolves were wild and uncivilized. Vampires, on the other hand, were genteel creatures, used to the finer things in life. Consequently, a relationship between the two species was unheard of. What her mother failed to tell her was that their savage nature made them almost impossible to resist. Luckily for her, the silver chain would keep Chance in line long enough for Vanessa to tame him. Once she had the seductive beast tucked safely inside her lair, she poured them each a glass of wine.

“Can I get a beer, instead?”


“So, vamp, what’s the plan?”

“You and I are going to play. Won’t that be fun?”

Chance growled and tried to remove the chain, but it was impossible. “Hey, I’m nobody’s lap dog. Let me go, this isn’t funny.”

“On the contrary, it’s hysterical.” Vanessa sat back on the couch, pulled her dress up and spread her legs. “Here, doggy, something sweet for you to lap up.”

“Fine, but, just so you know, I’m going to do a crappy job.” Chance knelt between Vanessa’s legs and began to lick her pussy without much enthusiasm. Vanessa gave the chain a sharp tug.

“You’ll need to do better than that to please me, wolf.”

Chance glared at her. “It’s hard when you’re wearing a leash.

“Get used to it, dog, you’ll be wearing it for eternity.”

“Eternity? I’d rather somebody popped a silver cap in my ass than spend the rest of time with a cold-blooded leech.” Chance growled, then slid his hands under Vanessa’s ass and resumed licking. His tongue was magical, but something was missing.

“Stop, let’s try something else. Take off your clothes, show me your equipment.”

The young wolf was finely chiseled, with washboard abs, and covered in a layer of silky body hair. Best of all was his large, thick cock which was, unfortunately, quite limp. Vanessa took it behind her lips and began to suck. Chance stood like a statue, occasionally grunting.

“My oral talents are exemplary, you could at least do me the honor of getting an erection.”

He pointed to the leash. “This thing is kind of the anti-Viagra, if you know what I mean.”

“This won’t do at all.” Vanessa stood up, then captured Chance’s lips under hers. A thrill she had never felt before coursed through her veins, further enhanced by the creature’s musky scent. She unhooked the leash and tossed it aside.

“You’re letting me go?”

“Yes, there’s the door, use it. Perhaps you should dress first.”

“Maybe I’d rather stay.” Chance grabbed Vanessa and planted a scorching kiss on her lips. “What do you have to say about that?”

“I say, game on, wolf.”

Chance tossed Vanessa over his shoulder and carried her off to the bedroom.

“You’re in for it now.”

Chance dropped her on the bed, then extended one claw and ripped open Vanessa’s dress, exposing her voluptuous curves. His golden eyes glowed as he scrutinized her naked body.

“You like?”

“I’m gonna show you how much I like.”

Chance sucked her bottom lip into his mouth while he pinched her nipples with the perfect amount of force. They turned to hard knots under his touch. Vanessa watched while he sucked one behind his lips before stopping to playfully gnaw on it. She felt her body smolder as his hands explored every inch of her. After pulling her arms over her head, he buried his face in her armpit, licking and sniffing the velvety skin. Her scent seemed to increase his ardor and he began to growl.

“Yes! Take me!”

Chance licked, bit and sniffed his way down to her pussy. Vanessa mewled as he sucked her swollen clit, grazing it with his teeth as one of his thick fingers slid inside her dripping snatch. She was at the brink of orgasm when he rolled her onto her stomach and pinned her body under his. He rubbed his hard cock between her ass cheeks while he nibbled her ear.

“How do you like me so far?”

“You’re a tease.”

Chance chuckled against her ear. “The teasing is the best part.” He kissed his way down to the small of her back and groaned as he kneaded her ass cheeks. He bit each creamy mound, then spread her open and lapped at her puckered knot. “You’re extra sweet here.”

Vanessa gripped the sheets in her fists as Chance darted his tongue in and out of her dusky hole. She was on fire, and wanted more. He seemed to understand, and used his finger instead of his tongue while licking up and down from the tip of her clit to the top of her crack until she felt she would go mad from desire.

“Fuck me, wolf!”

“Where?” Chance smiled as he toyed with both holes.

“Both, start with my pussy.”

“Just so you know, I like it doggy style.”

Chance knelt behind her and drove his cock deep inside her aching snatch. He rutted and bucked like the wild beast that he was, fucking her rough and hard. In a blink, he flipped her around and pulled her on top, squeezing her ass while he buried himself deeper. Vanessa threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy as his thumb massaged her clit.

“Come for me!”

The room exploded with the sounds of raucous sex. Guttural groans from Chance mingled with Vanessa’s high-pitched keening. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and plunged it into her ass before she could catch her breath. Vanessa clawed at his chest, drawing blood, the smell of which increased her wanton lust. She lapped at the red drops like a hungry dog, while Chance’s swollen member stretched her open, filling her with searing heat.

“Bite me, babe, you know you want to.” Vanessa hissed, and bared her teeth. Chance’s eyes darkened, and he snarled at her. “Do it, take my blood, you hot bitch.”

Vanessa sank her fangs into Chance’s throat. His blood was like sweet wine against her tongue. He gasped and twisted his fingers into her hair as his cock vibrated in release, filling her anus with hot semen. She came again and again, until she was a twitching mass of spent flesh, and could only collapse against his hairy chest.

“Fuck, yeah, that was hot.” Chance grabbed Vanessa’s hips and rubbed his still throbbing cock against her tingling pucker. “Let’s do that again.”

Vanessa giggled as she stared into his luminous eyes. “Are you always like this?”

Chance nodded, then nipped her bottom lip. Desire flooded her body and she rubbed against him, reveling in the feel of his silky skin. He rolled over and trapped her beneath his body, the heat from his skin warmed her through to her bones. Vanessa wrapped her legs around him as he pushed his cock deep inside. She mewled as he languidly thrust, taking her back to the brink. His sharp teeth glinted, and she longed to feel them pierce her skin. “Bite me, wolf.”

“Are you sure about that?”


“If I do, you’re going to come harder than you ever have in your life.”

“Don’t make me beg.”

Chance bit into her shoulder, and her body felt like it was exploding into a million tiny stars. She scratched deep furrows down his back as she dropped headfirst into delirious ecstasy. He pulled back and licked his lips.

“Tasty, vamp.”

Sated, they lay in each others arms and softly kissed. Vanessa felt strangely giddy, almost as if she was drunk. Chance kissed the teeth marks that graced her left shoulder, then gave her a wicked smile.

“You carry my mark now, Vanessa. It means I own you. Forever.”

Vanessa sat up with a start. “What?”

“Yeah, it’s kind of like the werewolf version of a silver leash. Sorry, suppose I should have mentioned that first.” Chance gave her a sexy pout. “Are you mad?”

Vanessa gnashed her teeth. “Mad doesn’t even come close.”

“Is the thought of spending eternity with me that bad?”

Vanessa stared into his glorious amber eyes while she rubbed his furry chest. Spend the rest of time with a sexy beast who pleased her like no other? The idea was surprisingly palatable.

“Tell me, wolf man, what happens when the moon is full?”

Chance grinned. “I get really horny.”

Vanessa threw her head back and howled.


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