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Book Review – M by Jacob Louder

Book Review – M By Jacob Louder

When I read First by Jacob Louder, I was stunned. The beauty of his words, the loving way he created his characters – and the story, dear god, the story – I couldn’t remember the last time I’d read something so fresh and original, written with such an “in your face” honesty. That was back in the spring of 2014, March to be exact. He hinted at a sequel, and less than a year later, the next chapter in the fascinating life of Nico Ericsson is about to go public, courtesy of Go Deeper Press.

I was given the honor of previewing M, Jacob’s latest masterpiece. Yes, I said masterpiece, and I mean it. Before I commence with the gushing, let me make one thing perfectly clear: when I read First, I didn’t know Jacob very well, so when I reviewed the novella, my rating of five stars was based on the writing alone. Despite the fact that Jacob is now someone I consider a dear friend, this review will be just as unbiased. We’re all clear on that? Great, on to the review!


This book is delicious, decadent, heart warming and heart wrenching. Do I give it five stars? Hell to the fucking yes, I do! I suppose I should elaborate a bit more.

When we first met Nico, he wasn’t even old enough to drive, but in M, he has grown both physically and emotionally. Now a French major in college, he’s matured, but hasn’t lost the qualities I loved about him in First. Nico is kind and loving, fiercely protective of his girlfriend Miranda (M), with the same hardy sex drive. I’m not going to give away M’s identity, (no spoilers here), but I will say this, she played a big part in First.

The heart of this book is M’s story, beautifully narrated by Nico, and the way he accepts every part of her without question made my heart melt. I wish everyone in real life thought the same way as Nico, that people are deserving of love and respect no matter what their gender identity. Every scene involving Nico and M is gorgeous and heart-breaking and so damned real, I felt they were a part of my life. To me, that is a hallmark of brilliant writing, if an author can make you care about the players in the story, you know you are reading something special.

Of course, I can’t review anything by Jacob Louder without mentioning the sex scenes, M is chock full of them, all written in Jacob’s inimitable style. Are they hot? Fuck yes. Here is an example (one of my favorite scenes in the book):

If there’s anything Thad likes more than pussy, it’s hearing another man come. He moved quickly to my side, his breath heavy, already laughing, crazy, like he’d jizzed all over the football team. Micah and I watched as Thad jerked his cock, shooting stream after stream of milky white come a good foot, two feet out and over the side of the railing. Micah tugged at my coat and whispered, “Look,” and I knew exactly what he was talking about: Thad’s semen actually shimmered in the streetlight, like some kind of thick and creamy fairy dust. I loved the bend in Thad’s knees, the way he tilted his head back, that dumb, lazy smile of his, the way I could kind of tell that he was thinking only of April now.

“Fuck!” Thad said. “Fuck me! God!” and then he blew another little load, although it didn’t clear the edge of the deck.

That left only two of us. Micah moved from my arms to take Philip into his, whispering what, I don’t know—I can only imagine what kind of dirty words. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and watched Thad move his still hard cock back inside those long johns of his before he pulled up his jeans and fumbled with his belt. He finally turned to me, cheeks rosy, his face loose, relaxed. “Damn, dude. That’s good times.” He bent over to pick up my beer can, realizing he had left his back in Phil and Micah’s apartment. He took a swig, never moving his eyes from me. “What’s up. Can’t get hard?”

The length of my peacoat hid my hard-on. I said, “It’s weird, right?”

Thad shook his head. “Nah,” he said. “I kinda feel where you’re at. Happy you came and gave it a shot, though.”

What was happening behind us was nothing but pure fucking delight: Micah pressed against Philip’s back, his hand tugging on Phil’s big, hard cock, moving slow and steady, practically milking him and murmuring, “Come on, come on—fucking flood the streets with it,” and Philip with his head back against Micah’s—I could see his blond hair splayed against the dark stubble of Micah’s cheek—it was Philip’s turn to keep his eyes closed, his hands open and relaxed at his sides. When he clenched his teeth and sucked in his breath, that was it for Phil: he bucked his hips, fucking Micah’s hand faster and faster until, not unlike his cousin, he shot thick streams of come over the railing and into the night—farther, but not as high, so there was no fancy glimmering, just those quick blasts of white, which would hang in the air for a second before falling from view.

I kept my cock to myself and went to the bathroom in my coat while Phil, Micah, and Thad crashed on the sofas to drink beer, eat chips, and watch what was left of Bob’s Burgers. When I popped the top button of my jeans, my dick nudged the zipper lower until I pulled it down completely, making way for my hand—my cold hand on my hot cock. I pulled it out, moved my tongue in my mouth just enough to build up an adequate amount of saliva, which I let drip from my bottom lip and on to my dick—a long, warm stream of it—something M would do for me when I asked her to, when I begged her sometimes, loving the look of exactly this: M’s wet heat moving from her mouth, from her lips to my cock, that gentle drip, and then the way she’d work me, the way she’d jerk me off until I was practically squirming beneath her hand, out of my mind.

Brilliant, right? The scene is explicit, yet ethereal. A group of men jacking off on a rooftop, transformed into a joyful romp. Every sexual encounter is unique, but written with the same tone – you are turned on and transported at the same time. The wording, the vocabulary, the rich imagery, that’s what sets my heart on fire, and why I love anything written by Jacob Louder.

Then there is the ending. Once finished, I immediately emailed Jacob and said something like “Dude, you’re killing me!” He assured me that there will be another book, and I am anxiously anticipating getting my greedy little eyeballs on the next chapter. Write faster, Jacob!

This book gets 5 stars, two thumbs up, with a heat rating of “Ice pack for my nether regions, please”. The release date for M is January 7, 2014, but you lucky people can pre-order M right now by clicking here. Go. Buy. Read. Then read it again like I did.

Because once is not enough.

PS: get to know Jacob even better by visiting his blog, and following him on Twitter.

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