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The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes

Another dateless Valentine’s Day. On the way home from work, I devised a strategy for the evening. First, I would eat a roll of cookie dough while watching chick flicks and drinking wine. Afterwards, I would either pass out or throw up.

I stopped at the local Gas & Gulp to fill my nearly empty tank, when I noticed a monolith of brick and glass beaming at me from across the four lane. The Harrington Mall. A perfect place to drown one’s sorrows with random acts of mass consumerism.

When I pushed open the doors to paradise, the mall hours that were emblazoned on the glass hit me like a slap in the face. I only had an hour to max out my credit card, so a well-organized plan of attack was necessary. I bypassed the kiosk that sells giant cookies and headed right for my favorite lingerie shop. Cullottes was having its annual mega-sale and I went a little crazy. I left the place with six new bras and a months’ worth of panties in every color of the rainbow.

After visiting two other destinations, I was about to call it a night, when I fell in love. There they were in the display window, the most delicious pair of red heels I had ever seen. Shiny patent leather with ankle straps and a peep toe – they were destined to be mine.

“Good evening shoppers, Harrington Mall will be closing in ten minutes.”

The booming voice over the loud-speaker broke my trance. I wiped the drool from my chin and dashed inside the store. An attractive man of about thirty was standing behind the counter. I practically threw myself at him.

“The red shoes,” I panted, “in the window, the ones with—”

“The ankle straps, yes, I can just picture you wearing those.” He smiled while he leaned over the counter and scrutinized my feet. “Size seven?”

“Sometimes I’m a seven and a half. You know, just give me a pair in size seven and a pair in size eight. I’ll bring back the ones that don’t fit.” I glanced at my watch.

“Don’t you worry about the time, miss, the mall hours are just guidelines.” He led me to a row of chairs. “Set your bags down and get comfortable.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“But I like getting in trouble.”

He winked at me, but it wasn’t a creeper kind of wink. It was more of a sexy movie star wink. I checked out his ass while he strolled to the back room. Nice. Taut and firm under his khaki slacks. When he returned with a stack of boxes covering face, I noticed he had a generous bulge in front.

“That looks like more than two pairs of shoes,” I said. “I’m a picky girl, this could take hours.”

“Spending a couple of hours looking at your sexy legs? Sounds like torture.” He set the pile on the floor, and then kneeled in front of me. “First, let’s take these off.”

“Really, I can do that.”

“Lovely ladies like you deserve to be pampered, just enjoy.” He slid off my right shoe and massaged my bare ankle. “What’s your name?”

“Evelyn.” His name tag said Jason, and his eyes were a deep shade of amber. “Nice to meet you, Amber, I mean Jason.”

He kneaded a path from my ankle to my calf. “How does this feel, Evelyn?”

“Fanfuckingtastic.” My left leg received the same treatment, but my bliss turned to panic when I saw the mall lights grow dim. “Uh, Jason, they won’t lock us in, will they?”

“No. Besides, the security team has to lock everything down. We have at least an hour.” He flipped the lid off a box and I saw black shoes inside. “I brought out a few other styles, I hope you don’t mind.”

He presented one shoe and I gasped. Triple ankle straps, six-inch heels and pointy toes.

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes.” Jason put the shoes on for me, taking his time, driving me crazy with his stroking fingers and husky voice. “Where I come from, we call these CFM’S.”

“CFM’S?” Jason asked.

I licked my lips before answering. “Come-fuck-me-shoes.”

Jason rested my right ankle on top of his shoulder. “I would love to fuck you in these shoes.” He proceeded to lick each strap, while grinning at me. “You are stunning.”

I almost jumped out of my skin when the security gates rattled. A large mall cop was standing there, peering at us through the small gap he’d left open.

“Yo, Jason, you doing okay?”

“I’m doing fantastic Leo.” Jason put my left ankle on his other shoulder. “Fanfuckingtastic.” He gave me that wink again and I almost came.

“I’ll be back in five minutes.”

The guard disappeared and I tried to sit up. “We can head back to my place.”

“We still have time, trust me.” He pushed my dress up and tugged my panties down, stopping to work them carefully over the kinky shoes, one ankle at a time. “There’s a million dollar view.”

“Want me to make it a little better?” Once he gave the nod, I pulled my left leg back. My cunt spread open, and I could feel wetness trickle down to my ass.

“Fuck yeah.”

He leaned forward until my thigh draped over his shoulder, and used his thumb to massage my clit. I dug my fingers into the arms of the chair while my body dove into full pre-orgasm mode. First, a tickle started deep inside and grew stronger with every pass of his thumb. All the nerve endings in my lower half sang praises to the mall’s lax security, the sexy shoes and the hot man between my legs. For good measure, he put his index finger inside my cunt, and fucked me into overdrive.

“I’m going to come, you’re making me come.” I was at the top of the roller coaster, about to take that dizzying drop into ecstasy, when the hulking figure returned. “Jason,” I hissed, “he’s back.”

“Leo won’t bother us if we let him watch. Is that okay?” Jason’s fingers were frozen in place—one on my clit, one in my pussy and one teasing my ass.

“Sure, yeah, whatever, but can he come in? I mean anyone could walk by and see through that gap in the gates.”

Leo did not need a formal invitation. He slammed the gates completely shut and set the security lock before heading over for a closer look. Once Leo was in my line of vision, the sight of him made my legs spread wider.

“He just likes to watch,” Jason whispered.

I took a hard look at Leo. He was built like a brick house, with a clean-shaven head and skin like mahogany. I nodded at his giant bulge and opened my mouth.

“Oh, baby girl, damn.” He unzipped and pulled out a glorious cock that made my mouth water. “Let my boy Jason finish you off first. I love watching a beautiful woman come.”

Jason’s fingers worked their magic and in seconds, I was careening back down the steep slope of that thrill ride. My face melted into “mouth gaping-toe curling-back arching-moaning-groaning-but still hoping I looked like a lady” O-face mode.

“Mmm, look at that, Jay, fuck me that’s beautiful,” Leo said as he stroked my hair. I grabbed his dick and stuffed it in my mouth. “Lord, have mercy.”

Jason traded his fingers for his face, and l rode his mouth into wonderland. At my urging, he slid on a condom and buried his perfectly sized cock in my cunt. There I was, under the bright lights of the store with my dress hiked up to my neck, enjoying two delicious men. Bonus – I was surrounded by shoes! All I needed was a giant cookie in my hand and I would have sworn I was in heaven.

Leo’s cock was impeccably groomed. I lifted his shaft out of the way and worked over his smooth sac with my greedy lips and tongue. In between shouts of “Praise Jesus!” and “Lord, lord!” he whimpered like a little girl. The sounds thrilled me. I do love a man who isn’t afraid to show his appreciation in a verbal manner.

Jason, on the other hand, was Catholic schoolboy quiet, but fucked me with grace and finesse. He sucked my nipples while he rocked his hips at a languid pace and teased my clit into multiple orgasms until I almost begged him so stop.

“Evelyn, can I come all over your beautiful breasts?”

“Oh, god, yes.”

I stopped sucking Leo just in time to see Jason peeling off the condom and experienced a mini orgasm when his jets of warm spunk hit my skin. Having a man come on me is one of my fondest kinks. In fact, my secret fantasy is to be the star of a bukkake video.

I could taste the beginning of Leo’s deluge, so I aimed the tip of his cock down and had an out-of-body experience when his load shot out in five quick spurts. The air was thick with the smell of sex and shoe polish. I smiled while I rubbed the sticky mess into my nipples.

“Gorgeous, just fucking gorgeous.” Jason lapped at the milky pools.

“Dude, you’re eating your own, and mine, too.”

Jason peered up at Leo. “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

I dipped my finger into the wetness and offered it to Leo. He sucked it clean, but made a face.

“Tastes like Grandma’s feet.” Jason and I both groaned. Leo laughed. “I didn’t mean that literally.”

I cleaned my chest with a few napkins I found at the bottom of my purse. My damp panties took their place, and I slipped into a fresh pair from my bountiful bag.

Jason checked his cell phone. “Shit, I’ve got to bail.” He gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. “You’re amazing. Just take all the shoes you want, on me.”

After he left, Leo gave me a baleful look. “Sorry, baby, he’s engaged. What a dick, huh?”

I shrugged. “I don’t judge.”

“That’s cool, I like you, you’re a good person.”

I did take the black pair, and the red pair, plus an insanely hot pair of purple suede thigh high boots. Leo walked me to the parking lot. Just as I was about to unlock my car, a rush of emotions flooded my body. Leo, it was only Leo, the world disappeared and he was all I could see. The expression on his face mirrored my emotions, and we kissed, long and sweet, with enough heat to set the universe on fire.


“Check it Arc, that’s a cute couple right there.”

“You did well, Eros that was a perfect pairing. Evelyn and Leo are even the same height.”

I poked Arc in the ribs. “Work like that deserves a blow job, don’t you think?”

Arc did a face palm and groaned.

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