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so, I have this list…

So, I Have This List…

So, I have this list…

**scroll lower for contest information and rules**

I am a list maker. There is a great deal of satisfaction in making a to-do list and gradually ticking off each item. Of course, I always add easy activities like “open curtains” or “watch TV”, things I know I can accomplish.

About a year ago, I created a list of story prompts to pull out whenever I needed inspiration. The prompts turned out to be anything from a single word to a full idea. Here is a sampling of that list:

1. A vampire and a werewolf go on a blind date. Hilarity ensues. (I’ve actually written a story for this one, called Taking Chance.)

2. what the butler saw

3. shoe store shenanigans (The Red Shoes came from that one.)

4. pizza delivery man/bachelorette party (or bachelor party)

6. two golfers, a golf course and a horny caddy (I never said any of these made sense)

7. backstage pass

8. spontaneous office sex (This one has inspired a lot of stories!)

9. blind date arrives dressed as a clown

10. hot sex in a rickshaw (see #6)

11. two undercover cops on a stakeout are bored and horny

12. after the bowling alley closes (Literary masterpiece in the making right there!)

13. oops, I sexted my boss

14. private detective is seduced by the cheating spouse he/she is following

15. bar fight turns orgy

And there you have it, a small sampling of 57 prompts I have squirreled away for future use. Would you like to use one of these prompts? How about if I sweeten the deal with a contest? Yeah? You’re in? Awesomeness!!

story contest

Oleander’s “Pick a prompt, any prompt” contest info:

1. Pick a prompt and write a story based on the prompt, approximately 500 – 1500 words. (Don’t sweat the word count, let your story be your guide. You won’t be disqualified for going over or under.)

2. Post it on your blog and send me the link before June 24, 2015. (If you do not have a blog, I will post it on mine, no problem.) Please link back to this list and let everyone know which prompt number you picked.  (I am at

3. I will read the entries as they come in and announce my top three on or before midnight (Chicago time) June 30th, 2015.

4. There will be prizes!!! (Yes, I will bribe you to enter!) Of course, I am making this up as I go along, so I will announce the prizes later. (Soon!)

Contest rules:

1. Any gender pairing is perfectly fine with me.

2. Any genre is great, but, (and this is most important), your story must be sex positive. Again, I have a great deal of respect for all writers and genres. However, I can’t judge a story that I can’t read. Please, no humiliation, rape or even a hint of non-consensual sex. If you’re not sure what I mean, drop me an email, or better yet, read some of the entries that are posted here. The pieces that have been submitted so far are perfect! They are a joy to read and fit the parameters perfectly.

3. Judging will be based solely on the quality of your story, so no worries if your grammar isn’t perfect, and no points off for typos, either. So weave a yarn, spin a tale, make it original, make it great, but make it dirty! (Extra points if you make me laugh.) **Never written erotica before? Remember, you don’t have to be explicit, stay in your own personal comfort zone.**

4. This contest is open to all writers, published and non-published, serious wordsmiths and hobbyists, new voices and seasoned pros.

5. Your story MUST be based off one of the 18 prompts listed. No exceptions. (You can use the prompts that are in the above graphic.)

6. Like to write taboo? As long as it doesn’t include rape or pedophilia, go for it. But can we please keep the stories gluten-free? Thanks! (Just kidding about the gluten-free!)

7. Have fun!

Click here to read the submissions! (Updated as the stories fly in.)


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