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And the winners are…

And The Winners Are…

And the winners are…

25 entries. 25 fantastic stories that were a pleasure to read. Picking three out of this stellar group was fucking torture!

Before I get to the list, I would like to thank everyone who entered the competition. I hope you had as much fun writing them as I had reading. You all knocked me out with your naughty, dirty, perverted little minds! Okay, I’ve tortured you long enough, here we go:

1. In first place is “Viva la Revolucion!” by Julia Von Rist! Julia used “hot sex in a rickshaw” to create this sensual masterpiece. From the first line, this story grabbed my by the neck and wouldn’t let go. The words, the visuals, the perfect cadence – this story has a rhythm that matches the pace of the rickshaw itself. “Viva la Revolucion” also includes one of my favorite lines ever – “It is a dream of an ass, an ass to inspire a revolution.” Julia, damn girl, this was one HOT number!

You can find Julia on her blog, on Twitter and buy her book, The Lion of Palmyra on Amazon and Smashwords. You better believe this is on my must read list!

2. In second place is “What the Butler Saw” by Tabitha Rayne! Tabitha used the prompt “what the butler saw” and created this bawdy romp of a tale that left me giggling and extremely turned on. Written in the form of a letter, the style and tone of the (at first) stodgy butler was pure genius. And dirty. LAWD, it was DIRTY! Tabitha, you naughty girl, you brought your A game for this one.

You can find Tabitha on her blog, on Twitter and purchase her fantastic published works here.

3. In third place is “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Salt” by Jaylan Salah! Using “a private detective is seduced by the cheating spouse he/she is following” as her starting point, Jaylan wrote a story that haunted me for days. Beautifully written, she captivated me with her exquisite writing style and sensuous descriptions. Jaylan, your words captivate, and I can’t wait to watch you soar.

You can find Jaylan on Tumblr, The Prose, and Twitter.

As for the rest – my contest, my rules – so I am declaring a 22 way tie for fourth place! Yes, the stories are that good, everybody wins! My dear writers, each of your stories touched me, made me hot, made me laugh, and thrilled me to my dirty little core. In the order of when they were received:

4. Cammies on the Floor – “Sensually Signing Her Skin” – a sexy tease that left me imagining all sorts of things! Great use of the prompt “middle aged writer seduces a celebrity”. Loved the sexual tension in this piece.

4. The Chintz Curtain – “Teeing Off” – Jane picked one of the more difficult prompts (two golfers, a golf course and a horny caddy) and created a hot bit of flash fiction that I adored. Witty and sexy, I would love to read more! SEQUEL, SEQUEL, SEQUEL!

4. The Other Livvy -“What the Butler Saw” – using the prompt of the same name, Livvy dreamed up a tale featuring a voyeuristic butler and his equally lascivious employers. This one is all kinds of hot! “Don’t come in his mouth, I want to see it.” Schwing!!!

4. Marie Rebelle -“Bare Essentials” – Marie chose “two undercover cops on a stakeout are bored and horny” and wrote her first m/m piece, and let me tell you, it’s fabulous! Burning hot, funny as hell with characters I loved. And the last line? Classic!

4. 5 am Writer Man – “Clown Realness: Every Clown Wants a Good Fuck” – Mr. WriterMan chose the “blind date shows up as a clown” prompt and ran with it. Ran all the way to Dirtyville! Hilarious, sexy and fun as fuck, this is a filthy ride you don’t want to miss!

4. F. Leonora Solomon – “At Last” – Lady F picked the “spontaneous office sex” prompt, and even took her own photo (suitable for framing) to go with it! This story is as sexy as the image itself. “You can leave your suit on…” Swoon worthy!

4. Rebecca Black – “Donuts” – Rebecca knocked me out with her take on the “two undercover cops…” prompt. I was craving a hell of a lot more than a donut when I finished reading this one! Clever, steamy and I swear she wrote this with a Chicago accent, or at least that’s how I read it in my head.

4. Horny Geek Girl – “Backstage Pass” – Ms. HGG chose the “backstage pass” prompt and wrote a story that hit me straight in my hard rocker heart. So sexy, with hot details, I loved this from beginning to end.

4. Horny Geek Girl – “Here Comes the Sun” – A second entry from HGG, using the office sex prompt. Sensual and romantic, this left me with a warm feeling in my heart. “I’m not sure that’s the rain’s fault.” That line! Loved that line!

4. C.E. Hansen – “Wait…What…Who is this?” The “oops I sexted my boss” prompt was given the five-star treatment by Ms. C – and almost melted my computer! Hot and dirty, just how I like it!

4. C.E. Hansen – “Confused?” – C. also contributed two stories. This one uses the “two cops on a stakeout” prompt. Holy hell, this was smokin’ hot and the twist? I did NOT see that coming. “I bullied the others into stepping down. I wanted you.” *whimpers*

4. Leandra Vane – “Making History” – Leandra chose the “oops I sexted my boss” prompt, and knocked it out of the park! This story took a sensual stroll as it built up the heat and tension, to the very steamy ending. “Don’t look so sad, dear, we aren’t finished yet.” Oh. Oh, oh, oh!

4. F.T. Sage – “The Rules of the Game” – F.T. used the “what the butler saw” prompt to its full advantage. Brilliant from start to finish – with characters that came to life. I love a twist at the end and this delivered, big time. Hot and steamy with a heavy dose of yummy voyeurism – truly divine!

4. Kayla Lords – “A Firm Hand and Lessons” – Another brilliant use of the “oops I sexted my boss” prompt, Kayla truly brought the heat! I love that the female lead carries out a dialog with her cat, that made it real for me. (Yes, I talk to my cats.) This was witty and oh so dirty! Please write a sequel, Kayla!

4. Happy Come Lucky – “Friday” – Honey chose “cupid wants to quit” as her prompt and made it all her own. Sexy imagery and witty dialog, not to mention the hot man on man action got my juices flowing. Honey will try and tell you she is not a writer, but she is, and this proves it!

4. L. Maretta – “I Like to Watch” – Using the “backstage pass” prompt, L. came up with a story that will singe your undergarments! Besides the sexy voyeuristic narrative, which I loved, there was a twist at the end that made me push my chair back and say “WHOA! What the???”

4. Dario Dalla Lasta – “A Gleeful Encounter” – Dario picked the “a middle aged writer seduces a celebrity prompt” and came up with an idea that sizzled my britches! I loved that he used an actual celebrity, Matthew Morris of “Glee” fame. (Oh, Mr. Shue!) Bonus points for use of the phrase “man porridge”! (I am so stealing that, by the way.)

4. Mr. X – “One For the Road” – An anonymous competitor? Sexy! This is Mr. X’s first foray into erotica and he picked “Cupid wants to quit his job” for his inspiration. A little tip, Mr. X, don’t let this be your last erotic piece, because you nailed it! Sexy, heartwarming, I loved this!

4. The Shingle Beach – “The Woman Behind the Mask” – This lovely lady used “backstage pass” in a unique way, using burlesque instead of rock & roll. A devilishly sexy tale of mistaken identity, this piece was hot in all the right places and the visuals were so tight, I felt like I was in the room watching.

4. Ria Restrepo – “Rickshawing with Rick and Shawn” – Ria used the rickshaw prompt and took us on one wild and sexy ride! This story was rich with sex and shenanigans – topped by a brilliant title that I still can’t get over. The ending is such a tease and I for one would love a sequel (maybe four).

4. Stella Kiink – “A Promise of More” – Stella chose “blind date shows up dressed as a clown” and put a very unique and sensuous spin on it! The sweetness between the two characters was a delight, and the ending let my imagination soar.

4. DB York – “Problem Client” – DB York chose the “oops I sexted my boss” prompt and did a fantastic job! DB is a relatively new writer but you wouldn’t know it from the quality of this piece. Hot,  hot and then some, I enjoyed the snappy dialog, as well.

How is that for a stellar lineup? I couldn’t be happier with the entries and the effort each writer put in to creating their story. The ideas you all came up with were amazing! Give me a few days to organize the prizes and also create some lovely banners for your blogs. I might have another surprise up my sleeve, but I will keep you in suspense on that one!

There is yet another winner! Velvet Rose, you are the winner of the raffle! Congrats and I will be contacting you soon with more details.

Congratulations to everyone!

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