Triple Dog Dare

Triple Dog Dare

Triple Dog Dare

by Oleander Plume

In the colossal battle between good and evil, (the good being my moral compass and the evil being my dick), evil not only won, it conquered.

Conquered like Godzilla after a three day Redbull and tequila bender.

Thanks to an asinine pact I’d made with my boyfriend Jared, my balls were packed with three weeks worth of spunk. Roiling hot spunk that was about to erupt like Krakatoa over the most meager stimuli – even the friction of my loose gym shorts.

“You don’t look so good, Max,” Benito said. “Remind me to keep phallic objects away from you.”

“Don’t even start.” I chastised myself for telling Benito about the pact. “I just want to get through this day.”

Benito pointed out the front windows. “See those storm clouds? Rain means no customers.” He snickered. “It’s just you, me and a ten hour shift.”

I groaned. Ten hours in a cramped DVD rental shop with Benito, he of the perky ass and flirty lashes. Yeah, I said it, the dude has flirty lashes.

“Stop it, Benito.” I grabbed a crate full of returns and went about putting them back in order. When I got to the bottom of the bin, I found three gay porno flicks. “You fucker. You sick, twisted, mascara wearing motherfucker.”

“Have fun putting those away, Max-imum Sperm.” Benito smiled and made the jerk-off motion in my direction.

Biting my lip, I pushed through the swinging doors that led to the adults only section. “Don’t look at the cases, just stick ’em on the shelf and move along,” I mumbled out loud. I managed to get the first two in their proper places without sneaking a peek, but the third, Suck My Big Balls, was one of my favorites. “Jensen Pudd, you sexy beast,” I whispered longingly to his front cover photo.

Jensen Pudd was the hottest porn star in the universe, or at least he was to me. Tightly muscled with an abundance of tattoos, his Australian accent alone could have made me come. The stills on the back cover of the DVD case made my nads ache. Jensen getting his dick sucked. Jensen getting his ass plugged. Jensen tea-bagging another dude with his delicious low hangers. My dick rose up like a fist of anarchy and tented the front of my shorts.

“I hate you, Benito Sanchez,” I grumbled through the blue doors. “I hate you with the passion of a thousand burning suns.”

“Oh, poor Max. I’ll bet you’ve got a wet spot on the front of your jock pants.”

I looked down and gnashed my teeth when I saw a damp circle about the size of a half dollar. I squeezed my eyes shut and took some deep breaths. “Must not come, must not come.” I repeated the mantra in my head until I thought I might puke. Beyond the back room, I could hear the low rumble of thunder mixed with Benito’s high-pitched giggling.

“Remember, keep your hands off your dick, or lover boy will be disappointed,” Benito said.

At that moment, I couldn’t decide who I hated more, Benito or Jared. I managed to compose myself down to a half chubber and stomped back out to the front of the shop. “Look at it out there,” I said. “We should just close up and go home.”

Benito shook his head. “Gary would kick our asses. Besides, we’re getting paid to do nothing. How great is that?”

“It’s just super-duper.” I straightened the video game rentals and tried to think about anything but sex.

“How many more days until Jared gets home from France?”

“Seven,” I said through clenched teeth. My sexy boy toy was living it up in Paris, courtesy of his rich daddy and our university’s study abroad program. The original plan was to shack up at his place for the summer and fuck everyday before heading back to school for senior year. At the last minute, he decided to head to France because “I’ll miss you like crazy, but it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.” The fucker. The beret wearing, French speaking motherfucker.

“You’re a crazy little bitch to believe he’s being a good boy. If I was surrounded by all those sexy french men, I would have my pants down around my ankles 24/7.” Benito leaned back and rubbed his denim coated crotch. “Mmm, I’m dripping just thinking about it.”

I dropped the copy of Mario Kart I was holding and stared at Benito. My cock strained against my shorts, I half expected it to grow teeth and chew its way out of my pants.

“You need to take care of that,” Benito said. “You need to jerk off.”

“No, I don’t, I can go two more weeks, at least.”

Benito leaned over the counter. “I dare you to jerk off – right there – where you’re standing.”

“Are you fucking crazy? A customer could come along any second!” When the last word left my lips, the storm intensified and buckets of rain turned the parking lot into a lake. No one in their right mind would have traveled in that shit.

Benito snickered. “Double dare.”

I was standing between two tall racks, in full view of Benito but no one else. Still, I protested. I was a man, god damn it, not some horny sixteen year old. I could control my sexual urges. Until Benito uttered the siren’s song of the school yard, that is.

“I triple dog dare you.”

I, Max Jerome Butler, had never backed down from a triple dog dare. I’d eaten a worm, I’d spray painted a penis on my neighbor’s garage door, and once I’d even ran the bases of a deserted ball field naked, courtesy of those five words. Without missing a beat, I dropped my shorts down to my ankles.

And then I wanked.

Benito watched intently, licking his lips between chants of, “Jerk that dick, jerk that dick.”

And jerk it I did – faster than I ever had before – not even stopping to spit in my hand. Noises never heard by God or man rumbled from my throat until I was conducting my own pornographic symphony. I’m not usually a fan of a dry wank, but that one felt spectacular.

“Jerk that dick, jerk that dick.”

My shorts bunched up around my ankles. I stepped out of them before tugging off my baseball jersey. Sure, I was risking public indecency but the look on Benito’s face made it worthwhile, not to mention the sexual rush that swept over me. “Fuck, I’m – gonna – come!”

But where? Where was I going to shoot what was sure to be an enormous load of spooge? Benito seemed to read my mind. “Leave a puddle on the floor, Max. Do it!”

I didn’t leave a puddle so much as I left splatters of white goop. It looked like someone had stomped on a bottle of Elmer’s glue. I stared at that mess and kept stroking, I had held back for so long, one measly orgasm wasn’t going to be enough.

“You made me so hard, Max. Can you suck my dick?” Benito begged. “Please, please, please?”

He didn’t even have to triple dog dare me that time. In a blink I was under the counter, on my knees, sucking and slurping Benito’s pretty cock while kneading his sweet, round butt. He was bucking against my face and talking dirty when I heard a car door slam.

“Shit, is that a customer?”

“Yeah, but it’s only Porno Guy,” Benito whispered. “Keep sucking.”

I wasn’t surprised Porno Guy came out in the rain for his weekly fix. Like Benito and I, he had a hankering for Jensen Pudd. He wouldn’t care that I was swallowing my co-workers meat stick, in fact, he’d be all for it.

I heard the chime as the front door opened and then Porno Guy’s rumbling voice. “Raining like a bitch out there, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s really coming down hard.” Benito fucked my mouth and I slurped even louder.

I imagined what the scene looked like from Porno Guy’s vantage point. Benito white knuckling the edge of the counter, pink faced, biting his lip between squeaky whimpers while the wet sounds from my mouth echoed through the store.

“You got a chick back there?” Porno Guy asked.


“Oh-h-h.” I could imagine Porno Guy’s dick firming up behind his baggy jeans while he stood there dripping rain on the scarred linoleum. “Sounds like he’s doing a great job.”

“He is,” Benito answered. “So good, I’m going to come, right now, right down his throat.”

I swallowed every drop and licked the tip clean before inhaling his balls. I was cock crazy, and I wanted more, so when Porno Guy asked if I would like to suck his, I heartily agreed. He ducked behind the counter and yanked down his pants.

“Wow.” Benito and I said in unison. Porno Guy had a masterpiece bobbing between his legs. “You should let him fuck you with that,” Benito said. “I mean, you’re already naked anyway.”

“I don’t know, that might be going too far.”

“I’ve got condoms and lube in my car,” Porno Guy said hopefully.

I looked at Benito. My cock was at full mast and ready for anything – I just needed a nudge. Benito looked back at me before crossing his arms over his chest.

“I triple dog dare you.”


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  1. Ummmm….I am speechless. Going from Rebecca Black’s hot guy-on-guy story to this one – I’m totally hot for some m/m action. Sheesh! That was one hot fucking story…*bats flirty lashes* Thanks for taking me along for the ride. (3 weeks? I’m not sure I could do that, either.)

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