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Big, Gigantic, Fucktacular Announcement!!!

Big, Gigantic, Fucktacular Announcement!!!

*runs into poison pen/dirty mind headquarters*

*trips, gets back up*

*fires glitter cannon*


Remember that book I’ve been talking about for months? The one I’m #amwriting every day? Well, I am thrilled, proud, amazed and completely gobsmacked to announce that the fabulous, the wonderful:

screenshot-godeeperpress com 2015-08-27 09-14-24

is publishing my first full length novel! *breathes into paper bag*

The title is Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe, and I can’t wait for you to read it. The book is what I like to call a gay/porno/sci-fi/comedy. The story features four main characters:

  1. Horatio Slice – A sexy rock star kidnapped by a psychopath from another dimension.
  2. Gunner Wilkes – Computer wizard intent on bringing Horatio back to earth.
  3. Snake Vinter – Besides being a smokin’ hot space pirate, he’s also a vampire.
  4. Sugar – He has one name, like Cher, because he’s that awesome.

Much more information to come, including excerpts, a cover reveal, and a release date. Talking about my work is hard for me, but I will tell  you this, Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe is a party for your eyeballs. There’s sex, adventure, portals to other dimensions, sex, and even more crazy characters than the ones listed above. I so hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned, more on the way!

UPDATE: Horatio is hanging out at Go Deeper Press headquarters right now, probably driving Jake and Lana crazy with his diva attitude. Hey, at least he’s out of my hair for awhile. (Just kidding, Horatio, I miss you, come back soon!)

Want to read a teaser story featuring Snake and Sugar? Click here if you do!

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  1. Oh my god – you so totally ROCK dude!!!
    I couldn’t be pleaseder! !! Or exciteder! Because I love Oleander!!!!
    Your writing is amazing and I can’t wait to take in the full length of it (matron)
    X x x

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I wrote some before the laptop fried, and as much as I could on the clunker. Back to the new laptop and typing ferociously! I wish my fingers moved as fast as my brain does. Clumsy fingers, grrr.

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