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Guest star – K. A. Smith

Guest Star – K. A. Smith

Guest Star – K. A. Smith!

I am so excited to have K. A. Smith as my special guest today! She wrote a sexy short, just for my blog and I can’t wait to share so, without further ado:

The Feeling is Sensual

by K.A. Smith

What am I supposed to do with a day of yoga and meditation? Soya had donned the comfy relaxation attire the spa provided, but she hadn’t decided what exactly she was supposed to do. She still didn’t know how her friends had gotten her to come to this.

“Soya, if you don’t slow down, take some time for yourself, your black is gonna start to crack. And that’s not a good look.”

Leave it to Lettie to break it down in real time. “My black is just fine,” Soya pouted, but she knew she could stand to relax a bit more, experience new things, and just have some fun.

She had a bad habit of burning her candle at both ends which left little time for her to enjoy things like a day spent just on her. So she agreed to go along with it. If her friends wanted to pay for her to take a day for herself, who was she to turn them down?

But the spa they’d sent her to was different from what she’d expected. It was more activity-based relaxation than the general spa treatment. There were no saunas, no steam rooms, and no massages. She would have to choose something physical and interact with others. Soya strolled past several rooms that held different activities trying to make up her mind.

There was what looked like a traditional yoga class taking place, but when Soya stepped up to take a closer look she caught a whiff of what smelled like expired three bean salad. Soya took a few steps back from the door. “Y’all can keep loosening whatever muscle does that without me.”

She walked a little further stopping in front of a closed door with only a plexiglas window etched in the center. She peered inside curious to what was about to take place. Everyone inside wore yoga clothes, stretch pants and strappy tank tops and tees. They all held what looked like flexible rubber tubes in their hands. One person stood in the middle giving what Soya imagined were instructions. Then suddenly everyone in the room went wild, lunging and swinging their rubber tubes at each other. They ran around the room bopping each other across the head and butt and legs making animal sounds. “Y’all paid good money to pretend to whoop each other’s asses?” Soya was mumbling to herself when she realized someone was standing beside her.

“Looks crazy, right? I hear it’s actually pretty fun.”

The person standing beside Soya was a gorgeous woman with a bright white smile. She flashed it at Soya and shifted her weight so they stood closer. Soya inhaled the woman’s light citrus scent happy to have it replace the bean smell in her nostrils.

“I don’t mean to crowd you, but I was wondering if you’re going in there?”

“No. God, no. That isn’t really my speed. Whoopin’ up on strangers. I mean if someone is coming for my purse, then hell yeah, but not to just to get all sweaty.”

The woman laughed and shifted her weight again. “I’ll keep that in mind. I came over to ask you for a favor.”

Soya couldn’t stop her eyebrow from arching in question. A favor? Chick was cute, but what made her think—

“I saw you looking around. Presumably for a class. There’s a sensual meditation two rooms over, but not enough people. I was hoping to convince you to come sit in.”

“A sensual what?”

“Sensual meditation. It’s great. You’ll love it.” The woman grabbed Soya’s hand before she had time to protest and guided her to the meditation room. “I’m Gwen by the way.”

“Soya. Nice to meet you.” Soya let Gwen lead the way. She also let her eyes drift down over Gwen’s backside. There was enough sway in her hips to make her cheeks jiggle. Soya appreciated Gwen’s physique. She was fit and curvy. Watching Gwen’s hips twitch back and forth made Soya think of a different activity she’d like to take part in, one she hadn’t participated in since… Soya had to think. Ooh it’s been a while. No wonder Lettie wanted me to do this.

“You guys, I found someone to sit in. We can have class now.”

The other four people smiled and waved at Soya, thanking her for joining them.

“Hey, guys. I’m new at this. Be gentle.” Soya smiled back, but stuck close to Gwen who welcomed her to sit next to her. They were placed in a semi circle on giant pillow cushions that looked and felt expensive.

“Designed to cradle your hips and support your posture.” The woman across from Soya volunteered.

“Oooh,” Soya purred getting comfortable. “This is nice. Is this cashmere? Oh, wow.”

Soya noticed the instructor enter the room as she wiggled her tush deep into the cushion enjoying how securely it surrounded her. She felt some of the tension in her shoulders fall away. Was her spine straightening? Her hips opening?

Then suddenly the gentle scent of lavender wafted into the room. Like magic Soya felt her body relaxing even more. Before she knew it she was breathing in deeply and making the most innocent little sounds. “Mmm. Ooh. Mmm.” She was moaning softly and rolling her neck back and forth without even realizing it. When she opened her eyes Gwen was staring and smiling at her. Everyone was.

“Uh-oh.” Soya’s eyes grew wide with embarrassment, but the look in Gwen’s sweet eyes told her not to worry.

“Happens to all of us,” Gwen whispered, inching closer. “The cushions bring it out of you.”

Soya smiled at Gwen letting herself relax again.

“Let’s get started.” The instructor was an older, balding black man dressed in loose fitting linen trousers. A few wiry hairs sprung up from his otherwise smooth chest. “Close your eyes and get comfortable. Let the relaxing smell of lavender calm you. Go, in your mind, to a place where you feel both safe and sensual. Breath. Focus on that place. It can be your bedroom, a rooftop garden, anywhere you feel able to tap into your sensuality.”

Soya thought about the different places she felt safe and sensual. She’d never given it much thought, but the instructor’s soothing voice had her slipping into a quiet room with warm lighting with the same lavender smell.

“Hmm,” she breathed concentrating on her imagined place and the instructor’s voice at the same time.

“Think about how your body feels in the place where you are. Imagine you are naked and free to feel what truly arouses you. A finger grazing the nape of your neck, drawing over your shoulder down your arm. Your body lifts and loosens. You may feel warmth, tingling, your senses coming alive, awakening. Breath.”

The man’s voice was like sunlight reaching out to gently touch everything. Soya felt herself slipping deeper into a state she didn’t often come across. She felt the tingling warmth in her lower back spreading up her spine to the sweet place at the base of her neck where she enjoyed being kissed. “Mmmm.” The sensation didn’t stop. It carried forward over her collarbone over her chest until she was feeling that same warm tingling in her breasts and nipples. She was surprised how easy it was to drift and go with the flow of it all, to tap into her dormant desires. “Ohh.”

The instructor continued in his smooth tone. “Imagine your own fingers teasing over your belly, down, down to your inner thighs. Breathe. You’re safe.”

Soya could see her hands dipping over her belly, gathering skin, pulling and just enjoying the feel of touch. Her fingers eased lower and lower until her thighs shared in the sensations.

Everyone seemed to be tapping into their sensuality and desires. Their moaning and increased breathing mingled together filling the room with a type of seductive music.

Soya was on her way to experiencing a deeper sensation when she heard a jagged exhale of breath next to her. A sound that would always be familiar to her. Release.

Soya’s eyes eased open and she tilted her head to get a good look at Gwen.

Her eyes were still closed but her chest rose and fell quickly like she was trying to regain composure. The tip of her pink tongue stuck to the outer edge of her lip as she came back down. Beads of sweat dotted Gwen’s forehead.

Soya didn’t want to get caught staring at Gwen, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of her. The muscles in her neck pulled tight, her pulse ticked against the hollow of her throat and her skin had a lovely sheen to it. Her breasts rose and fell showing off proud nipples through her tank top too. Soya felt her arousal spreading all throughout her body.

Gwen’s eyes slowly opened, bringing her back to the class. The first place they landed was Soya. They smiled a knowing smile at each other. The laughter bubbled up in Soya’s throat as if she had just experienced release herself.

She looked around the room quickly. The instructor was still guiding the others who still had their eyes closed. Soya knew there was no way she’d be able regain her focus now.
Gwen nudged Soya with her elbow and nodded towards the door.

“I should have warned you about that. Sensual meditation can get intense.”

“I’ll say. I was falling down the rabbit hole. Then I heard you—”

“You heard me come.” Gwen stepped closer and shifted her weight. “You liked it didn’t you?”

“Um, what?” Soya’s eyes bulged. She was flustered. Gwen’s closeness, her citrus sweat smell made Soya’s head swirl.

“The class. You liked the class didn’t you?” A bubbly grin pulled at Gwen’s lips.

“Oh. Right. Yeah. Sure. It was neat.” Soya tried to be relaxed, but felt herself getting worked up all over again.

Gwen nodded, still grinning and looking deeply in Soya’s eyes. “I’ve been thinking of starting a class of my own. But more one-on-one, you know. A more personal approach.”

Deciding right then and there that she needed to learn more about sensual meditation, Soya took a step towards Gwen. “Where do I sign up?

KA Smith

How great is she? Loved that story! I met K.A. on Twitter (which is where I meet everyone cool, actually)! She has quite a collection of published work, which you can peruse on her Amazon author page. I recently had the pleasure of reading “Get At Me” – a sexy and sweet novella that came alive with believable characters and K’s sassy style. I for one plan on reading more of her work – much more!

Get to know this lovely author:

K.A. Smith is a writer of poetry and fiction. Writing is her first love and women are her passion. She seamlessly merges the two to bring you sensual scenarios and titillating tales of women’s love, sex, and desire.

You can read more of K’s work (free stories!) on her blog

She is also on Twitter – @authorkasmith or you can reach her by email:


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