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I’m pretending the dick on the screen is mine.

His flesh tone doesn’t match, but when I hold my tablet a certain way, the illusion is real. That’s my hand stroking those nine inches of masculine glory, so thick my fingers barely touch.

This is the only way I can get off. Hidden behind the screen is a sad wad of skin that when flaccid, resembles a hunk of chewed, pink bubblegum. Little Pinky, the nickname I earned back in the boys’ locker room freshman year.

“Uhhhn, yeah!”

The dude on the screen says he’s coming, but I’m not even close. Rewind, rewind! There. He’s uncut, I love when they’re uncut – love seeing a juicy head winking in and out, fucking its own foreskin.

Closer now. Furiously stroking with my thumb and forefinger. I’m about to blow my load when I hear the front door as it creaks open. I’m naked, except for white gym socks. To get to my room, I’d have to cross Sage’s line of vision. Instead, the tablet gets shoved between couch cushions while Little Pinky hides under a pillow.

“Hi, Kev.” My roommate’s keys rattle against the glass bowl we keep on a table in the entryway. “I bought beer, want one?”

“Sure.” My voice squeaks, it fucking squeaks, just like my dick would if it had a voice. Sage plods into the living room, a bottle of ale in each hand, all nonchalant and unjudging. “Can I have a moment alone, first, you know, to get dressed?” I ask.

“Don’t you want to finish?” Sage sits right next to me, the rough denim of his jeans is actually touching my thigh. “Once I start, I have to finish or my dick will stay hard all night.”

“You don’t want to see this, trust me.”

Have you ever wanted someone with such ferocity you ached down to your bones? That’s how I feel about Sage. So when he licks his lips and says “Yes I do,” my heart throbs like a rotten tooth.

I let him take the pillow, let him get an eyeful of Little Pinky while I swallow bile. Any chance I had with Sage is gone and my stomach churns with angst.

“You lost your stiffy,” he says.

“It’s not any bigger hard.” I spit the words like a snake spits venom.

“You’re not happy with the size of your dick? Why?”

“Why?” I fumed. “Would you be?”

“So what, yours is a on the short side, Kev, no big deal. Look how pretty it is.” Sage swirls his index finger over the tip and my body lurches like I touched a live wire.

“Pretty?” I check Sage’s face for signs of insincerity and find none.

“Yeah, Kev, pretty.” He licks his lips again. “Can I suck you?”

I can’t speak but I nod. Slow motion. His head lowers, long curls shimmer in the lamplight, soft lips circle my cock and rockets explode in my chest.

“Sage,” I whisper as I fondle his hair. “Sage.”

“Mmm.” Sage thinks he’s using his mouth to give me pleasure, but he’s wrong. Sage is changing my life.

I tug one of his copper curls. “Stop for a second.”

“You don’t like it?”

“Are you kidding?” I laugh, high pitched and nervous. “I just want to…”

We kiss, stopping in between to tell each other the same secrets. I’ve longed for him, he’s ached for me. Stupid keeping these thoughts to ourselves, but the grief is over, replaced with some emotion I’ve never felt before but it fucking tickles.

Laughing on our way to his bed, trail of clothes in the hallway. Naked – he’s so beautiful – I’m unworthy. He tells me to shush and kisses my lips while he holds my tiny cock against his big one and tugs. Friction and warmth, tongues touching, we come at the same time before falling against the pillows.

“This is your bed now,” Sage says. He covers us with the sheet.

“Our bed,” I say. My hands can’t leave him alone. I wrap my fingers around his cock.

Fingers barely touch.



Thanks to my beautiful friends at Go Deeper Press for always inspiring me!


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