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The doors slide shut, whisper quiet.

“I’ll bet I can get you off before we reach the 40th floor,” she says, tugging up the front of my skirt, mouth close enough to leave lipstick smudges on my ear. Crimson Flood, her favorite shade, I’ve found marks from her lips in the strangest places.

“You’re on.” I’m wedged in the corner, gripping the handrails in anticipation, palms damp.

Skirt bunched around my waist, Louise nudges my panties to the side and finds my slit already slick with wetness. “Open your blouse.”

Quickly, I free one breast and watch the tip disappear behind her pout, smiling over the fact that I’ll be wearing Crimson Flood there later. She sucks firmly – the end of her tongue drags across my nipple, tightening the skin while her fingers slide over my clit.

“Louise, oh, Louise.”

The deliciousness of the act swallows me whole. I swivel my hips, grinding my clean shaven mound against her hand. Somewhere around the 20th floor, the car makes a sudden stop, but neither of us notice until a man enters the elevator.

“Sorry to intrude,” he says rather nonchalantly.

Broad shoulders, gray flannel suit, fedora, I catch a glimpse of an expensive watch peeking from one cuff when he presses the button for the 60th floor. Louise hasn’t missed a beat, if anything, her movements are more frantic under the stranger’s intent gaze.

I watch him through narrow eyes, this handsome voyeur who is about to witness my impending climax. Briefcase on the floor, he unzips his trousers. Not only does the stranger play along, he narrates our lust with a husky tone.

“Such a smooth cunt, I’m sure it feels like velvet under your fingers.” My nipple still inside her mouth, Louise nods. “Is she wet?” Another nod. He strokes a thick cock. “I would love to see you taste her.”

She kneels in front of me, gripping my hips and burying her face between my legs. The tip of my breast is swollen and ringed in burgundy. The man reaches for it. “May I?”

“Yes,” I say between breaths.

He rubs the hard nub with this thumb, right hand a blur as he frantically tugs his cock. Louise has a ravenous mouth, she devours my clit, while two slender fingers push inside. I imagine a flood of wetness coating her hand and dripping down her arm to leave a puddle on the floor. Impossible, but the intense visual pushes me towards orgasm.

“Are you coming?” he whispers.

My body answers his question – legs quaking – soft moans behind clenched teeth. Sweet release of the burning kind, within those flames I would gladly turn to ash. Louise kisses my mound before turning her head towards the stranger.

“Give it to me,” she says. Only Louise would do this, take a strange man’s cock into her mouth and swallow his deluge like candy. Once finished, she licks her lips and smiles like a satisfied lioness. “You didn’t mind, did you lover?”

“Of course not,” I say, wiping away a streak of red from under her mouth. “I might not understand your appetites, but I would never begrudge your partaking of them.”

When the doors open again, Louise and I are put together. “Even the seams on your stockings are straight,” she says. “No one will be the wiser.”

Exiting the car, we step over the bloodless body slumped against the floor. The doors slide shut behind us. Whisper quiet.


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