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(This isn’t an excerpt from Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe – just a bit of flash I wrote using a couple of the characters from the book. I hope you enjoy this brief tease, more to come!)

Snake craved three things above all others: blood, semen and Sugar, although if you pressed him, he’d probably put Sugar at the top of the list.

“That is a fucking good buzz,” Sugar said. He passed the bottle of absinthe to Snake.

“It’s making my dick hard.”

“Everything makes your dick hard.” Sugar wore a black leather jumpsuit that zipped up the front, and nothing underneath. Snake tugged the pull tab, exposing his lover’s chest. He hoped to go lower, but Sugar grabbed his hand. “We’re on a mission, remember?”

Snake and Sugar were sneaking around the basement of an immense estate on the search for a rare item when they came across a stash of equally rare liquor. Snake raised the bottle. “First rule of pirating darling, there’s always time for sex.”

“Which is why I turned to pirating in the first place,” Sugar said, taking the absinthe back before Snake had another swig.


“You want more?” Sugar unzipped until the jumpsuit’s opening rested under his balls and then covered the bottle’s mouth with his thumb. “Come and get more.”

Snake watched the green liquor drizzle down Sugar’s front, leaving a well in his belly button before spilling to his cock. Snake licked every drop and begged for more. He couldn’t decide what made him higher, the booze, or Sugar’s skin.

“Suck me, vampire, all of me.”

Inch by inch, he took Sugar’s cock behind his lips, massaging the ridged underside with an eager tongue. Snake groped until he found Sugar’s hand and tapped the bottle of absinthe. Sugar obliged and a slow trickle made its way to his mouth. The exotic flavor mingled with Sugar’s pre-come and went right to Snake’s head. And his dick. He had to unzip or risk tearing a hole in his pants.

Sugar panted and pushed against Snake’s face. “Make me come, I need to come.” Snake switched from sucking Sugar’s cock to his sack. “Yes, now, do it.”

He unsheathed his fangs and pierced the sultry flesh between Sugar’s balls. Snake tasted nectar, the sweetness of Sugar’s intense orgasm, and maybe the sun. When finished, he licked the pinpricks his fangs left behind until they closed and then lapped at the pools of come dotting Sugar’s abdomen.

“Everything about you is sweet and delicious,” Snake murmured. Sugar growled at him. “Except your attitude, my snarly one.”

“Shut up and give me that dick.” Snake switched places with Sugar and rested his head against the arm of an antique settee they found in a dim corner. Sugar smiled and kissed a trail from Snake’s mouth to his hard cock. “How much are you going to come for me?”

“A gallon at least.”

Sugar peered up at him while he sucked, causing Snake’s heart to race and balls to throb. He came quicker than intended, but Sugar didn’t mind. “Mmm, yummy. We should finish the absinthe and do this at least six more times.”

Snake smiled. “Make it seven, but let’s find a different spot.” He nodded towards a stuffed zebra that stared at them with cloudy glass eyes. “I don’t think I trust that guy.”


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