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Toy Stories: Part One

Ace Card

Last year, an adult toy company and I struck up a deal. I would write stories featuring their products, and they would not pay me for said stories. Yes, I was stupid for agreeing to such an arrangement, but hindsight is 20/20 and I learned from my mistake. At any rate, over the next few weeks, I am going to post the stories here and hope you will enjoy. Without further ado, may I present:


Ace Card

By Oleander Plume


John knew Karen planned to use their new strap-on dildo tonight, but he did not expect this at all.

At. All.

“Call me Kevin,” she said for maybe the third time.

“Yeah, okay.” John rearranged his hand, but it didn’t change the fact that he had jack shit – not even a pair of deuces. “I fold,” he said, slapping his cards down.

Karen smirked around the unlit cigar clamped between her lips and dragged the pile of chips to her side of the table. “Your deal.”

His palms were sweating and he fumbled the shuffle at least four times, but John wasn’t nervous about the strap-on action, in fact, he couldn’t wait. The problem was…Karen.

Holy hell, it was Karen.

She wore a black business suit, complete with red silk tie, but instead of a dress shirt, a lacy black bra peeked out between her lapels. To complete the look, she added trousers, red high heels and full make-up – with one extra detail: a fake mustache glued above her top lip. The sexiest accessory?

Karen’s persona.

She created a role for herself and played it with finesse. He almost believed she was Kevin, a stranger he’d met at the local watering hole who challenged him to a game of poker.

“I don’t think the waitress is coming back with our drinks, John.” Karen cleared her throat and deepened her voice. “I’ll head over to the bar myself. Another gin and tonic for you?”

“Yeah, thanks, Kar—I mean Kevin.”

John watched his wife head towards the kitchen, admiring her ass. Karen had a fine ass, round and pert, probably the nicest backside of any woman he’d ever met. A vision of that ass thrusting against his popped in John’s head and he squirmed. When Karen first approached him with the idea of purchasing a strap-on, he balked.

On the outside.

On the inside he was in the end zone after a touchdown, spiking the ball. Yes! Karen wanted to try pegging. Back in college, he dated a woman who introduced him to anal play. John never forgot the intense orgasm he received, courtesy of her mouth and probing index finger.

“Sorry, the line at the bar was ridiculous.” Karen handed him a drink. “Ready for that next round?”

John clinked his last two chips together. “I don’t have a chance in hell of winning, Kevin,” he said before taking a large gulp of his drink. “We should call you the victor right now.”

“Do you remember the stakes?”

“If I lose, you get to have me.” John drained his glass. “Should we go back to my place?”

Karen shook her head. “I have a room booked here at the hotel tonight.” She stood up. “Let’s go.” John followed her upstairs, cock hard, balls throbbing, mouth dry with anticipation. Once in the bedroom, she ordered him to strip. “When I come out of that bathroom, I expect you to be naked.”

John sat on the edge of the bed, positioning himself so he could see Karen’s entrance. He wasn’t surprised when she emerged fully dressed with a purple dildo protruding from the front of her slacks. The beginner size looked too small, but John would never ask her to switch. No guy, even a pretend one, wanted to hear his dick wasn’t big enough.

“I’m ready to claim my winnings,” she said, stroking her fake cock.

“You did win.” John bent over the mattress, eager to begin. “Fair and square.”

Karen prepared him well. First, she slicked his cock and balls with lube until John thought he might come. Next, she moved up to his taint, massaging it with firm, wet fingertips, getting closer and closer to his opening with each pass.

John panted and muttered inane gibberish, mingled with an occasional “Please, oh please.” Karen kept up the tease by inserting just the tip of a finger and then stopped to give his taint another rub.

“Are you ready?”

John answered by spreading his legs wider, inviting her in, begging her, even. Finally, he felt the end of the toy pushing inside, and he let it – let that silicone dick fill him until the harness touched his skin. Once rooted, Karen turned on the vibe and thrust, giving John the sensation he craved.

Hands flat against the bed, Karen leaned over his back and fucked him with firm precision. John’s cock tapped against the side of the mattress in time with her movements, making a sound he mistook for his own heartbeat at first. Each thump was punctuated with a Neanderthal like grunt from John and a soft moan from Karen.

He crushed the duvet in both fists, trying unsuccessfully to control his orgasm, crying out in ecstasy when he failed. Karen stopped thrusting and ground her pelvis against him instead, no doubt to increase the pressure of the vibe. He loved the noises she made during climax, louder than usual tonight since they had the house to themselves.

“How was I?” Karen asked in her deeper “Kevin” voice.


“I have a confession to make.” She placed an ace card face up on the bed right in front of John’s nose. “I had this up my sleeve the whole time.”

John laughed. “That’s okay, Kevin, I planned on letting you win.”


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