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Toy Stories: Part Three

New Places

Yet another piece of flash fiction I created for a now defunct online adult catalog. Please enjoy!


New Places

By Oleander Plume


Mike sipped wine while Delilah snuggled against him on the couch. Tablet in hand, she perused a collection of dildos designed for anal play on their favorite sex toy website.

“This one sounds intriguing.” Delilah tapped her finger on the screen. “A glass prostate massager.”

Mike let the words sink in. Prostate massager. He was no stranger to anal play and loved when Delilah wriggled a lubed finger inside him, but a dildo? That dildo?

“It’s kind of, uh, long, don’t you think?” Mike involuntarily clenched his ass.

“Only the part above the flared section goes inside, silly.” Delilah sat up straighter. “Oh, it says the ridged part at the tip rubs against the prostate or g-spot.”

“Nice, we could both enjoy it.”

“Exactly.” Delilah enlarged the photo. “Look, it’s pretty enough to put on a shelf.”

Mike almost choked on his wine when he imagined explaining the object to guests, or his mother-in-law. “Let’s plan on keeping it in the naughty drawer, okay?”

Delilah giggled. “Fine, but that’s not the first place it’s going.”


Mike watched Delilah remove the new toy from the carton. “It’s bigger in person, babe.”

Delilah smirked before sliding the dildo in and out of her mouth. “Mmm, silky smooth, try it.” Mike blushed but did as Delilah asked. The glass toy was cool against his tongue and narrower than it appeared at first glance. “When should we take if for a test drive?” she asked.

“Now?” Mike muttered around the toy.

“I’ll start the shower.” Delilah stroked Mike’s growing bulge. “You pour the wine.”


Mike was lying prone on the bed, naked, wrists bound to the headboard. Delilah said the thick pillow wedged under Mike’s hips put his ass at the proper angle for a good spanking.

Among other things.

After covering his eyes with a silk scarf, Delilah smacked Mike’s ass with an open palm. “Who owns you?”

“You do, babe, every inch of me.”

“That’s right.” Her husky words preceded another swat, carefully measured to produce a sensuous sting. “Never forget that.”

Mike hoped for more spanking or a few smacks from Delilah’s favorite flogger, but his wife had other ideas, and she was in charge.

Delilah was always in charge.

Mike felt her fingers spreading him open, followed by wetness trickling down the valley of his ass. Delilah massaged lube into his opening with a finger, deeper than ever before. Shock-waves of pleasure rolled up his spine and Mike couldn’t help but rub his erect cock against the sheets.

“I think you’re ready,” Delilah said, giving him another swat.

“Hell yes.” Mike bucked against the mattress for emphasis. “Fuck me.”

“I do love an eager man.” Another spank from Delilah. “Say it again!”

“Fuck me, baby, fuck me!”

Delilah snickered. “Good boy.”

Mike squirmed at first. Wider than one of his own fingers, the tip stretched him open more than he expected. Then, it was gone. “Hey!” He tugged against the wrist restraints.

“Teasing is the best part of the game.” Delilah worked the tip in and out of Mike’s ass with gentle precision. The teasing helped him relax and drove him crazy at the same time. When Delilah slowly inserted the dildo’s full length, Mike was more than ready. “There, all the way in. Take a few minutes and just feel it inside you.”

The blindfold helped Mike focus on every sensation. The smell of Delilah’s perfume, the sound of his own heavy breathing, the fullness in his ass. Fuck, especially the fullness in his ass. Mike stayed perfectly still, enjoying every second of this new experience.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Mike, fuck you until you come.”

Mike would have bet Delilah was wearing a wicked smile while she fucked his ass. The smooth glass slid in and out without effort and when that ridged tip rubbed against his prostate? Pure, unadulterated bliss. “Harder … faster,” Mike begged and Delilah indulged, oh how she indulged. His beautiful, sexy wife took him higher and higher—to a place he’d never been.

A place he wanted to visit over and over again.


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