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Toy Stories: Part Two

The Assistant

Another story written for the sex toy catalog. You can read part one here. As always, I hope you enjoy!


The Assistant

By Oleander Plume


Lydia flopped face first on the bed.

“Tough day, hon?”

“Mmmph.” Even after lingering under a hot shower, Lydia’s muscles were in knots, and while her original plan included a glass of wine, she was not moving. Ever.

“I know what you need,” Jake said, pushing her damp hair to the side.

“Sleep,” Lydia muttered around a mouthful of duvet.

“That, too.” Jake’s fingertips made soft circles on her skin. “Your muscles are so tight, I’m afraid even a light massage will hurt. Let me get my assistant.”

Lydia giggled when she heard the buzzing sound, knowing Jake’s “assistant” was “Moana” her favorite vibrator. The second it touched her neck, she melted.

“This would be easier if you took your robe off,” Jake said. Lydia growled. Even slipping out of her robe sounded like a chore. “Okay, I’ll just massage the places I can reach.”

Jake used the tip of the vibe to massage the bottom of each foot, using a firm hand that soothed instead of tickled. After thoroughly relaxing both feet, Jake moved up, rolling Moana gently over Lydia’s calves and thighs.

“How’s my assistant doing?”

Lydia rested her chin on her crossed hands. “Tell her I said not to stop.”

Jake pushed the robe up to Lydia’s mid-back. Lydia may have been dead on her feet, but being half naked in front of Jake turned her on.

“There. I not only get a great view, I can reach the spot where you need it most,” Jake said as he worked the toy over her lower back. The vibrations drummed against sore muscle, almost through to her front.

Almost to her clit.

A delicious rush of sexual arousal spread through Lydia’s body, replacing exhaustion with the sweet ache of want. First, heat between her legs followed by a tightening in her cunt. Lydia opened her thighs, hoping Jake would take the hint, and felt a trickle of wetness.

“Maybe I’ve been working on the wrong spot,” Jake said as he teased her with one finger. Even over the buzzing, she could hear the smack of his lips as he tasted. “Mmm.”

Jake dragged the vibrator over Lydia’s pussy, letting the end rest against her clit, but before she could orgasm, he stopped.

“Can you get up on your knees for me?”

Head down, Lydia pulled her knees forward, putting her ass at an angle that made Jake groan. More wetness, and the vibrator slid easily inside her aching cunt.

“Yes,” Lydia whispered. “Right there.”

The dildo rumbled against Lydia’s G-spot while Jake stroked her clit and teased the tip of his tongue inside her ass. Having so many sensitive areas stimulated at once made Lydia weak with pleasure. Her climax imminent, she grabbed a pillow from above her head and screamed her orgasm into it, every nerve alight with ecstasy.

Jake moved his hand from her clit, but continued licking while the vibe buzzed on. Lydia heard him stroking his cock, felt his breathy moans against her skin while she climaxed again and again. Jake laid his head against the small of her back, moaning loudly as he came.

“No more orgasms,” Lydia mumbled.

After Jake removed the vibrator, Lydia’s limp legs straightened out again. Jake tugged down her robe and then stretched out on the bed next to her.

“Looks like my assistant and I did a damn good job.”

“You both need a raise.”

Jake chuckled. “Oh, honey, I just got the best kind of raise.”

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