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Ask an author a question…

Ask An Author A Question…

I am so very proud to be in Go Deeper Press‘ latest anthology, Alternative Fucks. To celebrate, Dario Dalla Lasta and I put together a mini blog tour, in which we ask each other (along with Lana Fox, Natty Soltesz, and Malin James) the same five questions. Please enjoy reading everyone’s unique responses (links at the bottom)!

What group did you hang out with in high school?

I liked to get high and go to art class, so I didn’t fit into any of the usual cliques. Even the stoners thought I was weird. But, what a fashionista, right? OMFG, are those moccasins? And Farrah hair? I can’t even believe I am posting this photo. Someone please sign me up for a CAT scan.

I did manage to find a group of kids who didn’t fit into any other sub-category, and we formed our own version of a “clique”. Looking back, I realize, we were the “cool kids” because we embraced each other’s quirks without question.

What is the dirtiest story you’ve ever read?

Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews. I am cringing so hard right now. What a horrible book, as was the entire series. Why I bothered to read books two and three (and beyond) is a mystery to me. Also, this book ruined powder sugared donuts for me. Which, is probably a good thing.

What is your favorite movie and why?

Moonstruck. Why? Cher has been my hero since I was about six. The hair, the sass, the voice, oh, god, I still love her so much.

Besides Cher, the movie is perfection. Unique, quirky characters, a solid plot and dialogue you can set your watch to. My favorite has to be Olympia Dukakis, who manages to portray everyone’s mother:

“You’ve got a love bite on your neck! Put some make-up on that damn thing – your life is going down the toilet!”

How perfect is she? I can’t handle this movie’s level of awesomeness. This is my writer end-game, to create a story as endearing as Moonstruck.

Love the wrong people and die. *wipes tear* If you haven’t seen this movie, go watch it right now. I’ll wait.

What is right by your side while you are writing?

Coffee. A notepad and pen. My phone. Cats. Always cats. Cats who take infinite joy in knocking my cell phone off the table.

Describe your dream vacation.

This one is tough. Truth is, I’m a homebody, and travel stresses me out. Still, there are places I would like to visit, or revisit. Hawaii, for example.

If you’ve never been to Hawaii, it’s heaven. Seriously. Everyone is happy in Hawaii. When you come back home, you carry that hang loose vibe with you for weeks.

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Oh, hey, one more thing – did you know Alternative Fucks is now available on Amazon? Click the book cover and get your copy today – all proceeds go to those warriors at the ACLU! (The title has been moderated, since the folks at Amazon think the word fuck will offend you.)

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