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Toy Stories: Part Four

One Handed Read

One Handed Read

by Oleander Plume


Remote? Check.

Scotch on the rocks? Check.

Pile of pillows stacked against the headboard? Check.

Girls Night Out? Checkity Check Check.

Not that Eric didn’t want his wife around, he just appreciated the occasional “me time”, especially when one of his favorite movies was on TV. A movie Halle hated. He settled back, took a sip of scotch and cranked the surround sound. Right after the opening credits, the flat screen went black.

Eric cursed the storm. Once the cable went out, you could kiss the service goodbye for at least 12 hours. His laptop laid on the empty side of the bed—should he chew through the giant stack of work emails? No. There had to be a better, lazier way to occupy his evening. He spotted Halle’s tablet on the nightstand. Angry Birds. Perfect.

When he powered up the device, a book cover in the carousel caught his eye. An erotic anthology. Well, Halle did suggest reading as a mode of relaxation. Eric skipped the intro and dedication page, eager to get to “the good stuff.” The first story made him chuckle out loud, but after reading on, the laughter turned to squirming. A few paragraphs later, Eric used one hand to struggle out of his boxers, gripping the tablet with the other, never taking his eyes off the screen.

Words turned visual and the well-written scene played out in his head like a movie. Eric imagined he was Kurt, splayed naked on the bed while Felicity’s burgundy lipstick left circles down the length of his cock. He could almost feel her sultry mouth on his sack, tugging one testicle behind those wine colored lips while her fingers grazed lower.

This was more than a one-handed read. A story this hot needed something extra. Eric fumbled in the toy drawer and found his favorite vibrating cock ring, fully charged. He coated his dick with a dribble of lube, but instead of using the ring in the usual way, Eric wedged it against the base of his shaft and turned it backward. The thicker, vibrating side that usually rested against Halle’s clit sent rumbles of pleasure through his balls.

He wiped his fingers on the sheets and resumed reading. Felicity and Kurt had moved their naked fun to a new location – the hotel balcony.

Felicity leaned over, elbows on the railing, legs spread, waiting for Kurt to feast on her dripping pussy. Neither of them noticed the man on the next balcony until he took a drag off his cigarette and the end glowed from the shadows.

“Don’t mind me,” he said, blowing out a mouthful of smoke. “Pretend I’m part of the scenery.”

Eric used his free hand to grip his cock, devouring paragraphs in quick gulps. Were Felicity and Kurt really going to let a strange man watch? Would Eric and Halle let a strange man watch? Distracted by fantasy, he put the reader aside and closed his eyes, picturing Halle bent over that balcony, his lips in her slit while the smoking man jerked his cock.

Moaning low, breath hitching, Eric stroked faster, but froze when he heard a giggle.


“Don’t mind me,” she said.

Eric smiled at her while he tugged his dick. “I’ll pretend you’re part of the scenery.”

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