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Put on your dancing shoes. The party starts here.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes. The Party Starts Here.

The official release day is Monday, July 24, but I say we start the party early! Pour the champagne! Fire the glitter cannons! Take off your clothes and dance. Okay, maybe I went too far. Forget the glitter cannons, those can be dangerous.

Consider this “Blog Tour Headquarters”. I’ll be your hostess throughout the festivities. Shall we start? Yes, let’s start.


*glitter everywhere*

(It’s okay, I have a license to operate a glitter cannon.)

Hi, I’m Oleander Plume, and in case you haven’t heard, I wrote a book called Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe, which will be released on Monday, July 24, 2017 by the fabulous, the amazing, the scintillating, magical, wonder-fluff that is Go Deeper Press. (Yeah, I’m just making up words now. Blame the glitter. Or the champagne.)

To celebrate, we’ve put together a blog tour that will feature exclusive excerpts, interviews, reviews, giveaways and other assorted awesomeness. New links will be added daily, so check back here often. This is Blog Tour Headquarters, after all!

(scroll past the pic to see the links)

Hot, werewolf sex, anyone? Go Deeper Press has an exclusive excerpt! CLICK HERE

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Win a print copy and read another exclusive tidbit at The Novel Approach! CLICK HERE

REVIEW! Mischa Eliot presents a “passionate” review that made me blush (and cry happy tears) so very hard! CLICK HERE

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY TO ME! Here are the buy links in case you would like to purchase a copy, or ten:

Go Deeper Press  


Barnes & Noble

And, back to the blog tour – where am I today? *shuffles papers* I’m not sure!

My first stop – visiting the fabulous Dr. J (and a review that made my heart happy)!! CLICK HERE

New review(s) alert: CLICK HERE

Want to win an e-book? Delilah Night is hosting a contest! CLICK HERE

Then there is this “Book Blitz”: CLICK HERE

And some British fun with Lana Fox!: CLICK HERE

We’re at Dirty Sexy Words today with another EXCLUSIVE exceprt: CLICK HERE

Have you seen the book trailer my daughter made yet? Check it out! CLICK HERE

I’m sharing a little Sugar (and Snake) with the amazing KD Grace today! CLICK HERE

ICYM: Jake and Lana shared some of their favorite book quotes: CLICK HERE

Check out this great review from V’s Reads! CLICK HERE

I’m at Cheryl Kaye’s place talking about The Sims and sharing pics of Horatio and crew: CLICK HERE

Another new review at the ‘Zon: CLICK HERE

This just in, a new review that made me cry (in a good way): CLICK HERE

Gunner Wilkes is at Go Deeper Press today, talking sexy with Jacob Louder: CLICK HERE

I’m at F. Leonora Solomon’s today, sharing a new piece of Horatio inspired smutty flash fiction: CLICK HERE

I am at Love Bytes Reviews today with another exclusive excerpt and a chance to WIN a print book: CLICK HERE

Speaking of winning, you still have a chance to win an e-book at Delilah Night’s place! Read the prompt, and leave a comment, it’s as simple as that. Want to try? CLICK HERE.

Today, an exclusive interview with Gunner and Snake at Charlotte Howard’s place: CLICK HERE

I’m visiting Tabitha Rayne today, sharing Sims 4 secrets and sexy Horatio pics: CLICK HERE

The best way to get Horatio is direct from the publisher – score a great deal today! CLICK HERE

Today, I’m visiting Giselle Renarde and sharing some of my favorite quotes from the book, one of which is my number one favorite: CLICK HERE

New flash fiction because I love you and Kayla Lords: CLICK HERE

When Janine Ashbless asked for a “rude as possible” excerpt to share for her Blue Monday spotlight, I didn’t have to search very long! CLICK HERE

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