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Naked in the Rain

Naked In The Rain

This bit of sexy smut was written especially for Kayla Lords’ Masturbation Monday meme. Here’s a tease:

Perrito’s sky, normally a vivid blue, appeared to be covered with a grey veil. Wind kicked up and scattered dry leaves in all directions, one of which caught the eye of puppy Canis. Yapping ferociously, he gave chase. Gunner watched him disappear behind a flowering shrub.

“Looks like rain,” Horatio said. He hooked a finger through one of Gunner’s belt loops and pulled him closer. “Rain makes me horny.”

“Dude, everything makes you horny.” Gunner felt a raindrop hit his face. “We need to find Canis and take cover.”

“Or, we can stay here and get wet.”

Gunner watched a puddle of rain collect in the cleft of Horatio’s chin. He had an urge to lick that puddle away, but hesitated. “What about Canis?”

“Canis. The pup who turns into a werewolf. Pretty sure he’ll be fine.”

The rain fell harder, soft and warm, soaking Horatio’s thin T-shirt and turning it transparent. “Yeah, I get why the rain makes you horny,” Gunner said. He bit one of Horatio’s flat, brown nipples, tasting wet cotton and skin. The sound Horatio made hit Gunner’s ear, then made a beeline for his balls. “We should get naked,” he said, already unzipping Horatio’s jeans.

You can read the rest if you CLICK HERE.

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