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Guest Star: Zak Jane Keir

Guest Star: Zak Jane Keir

I’m ultra-pleased to have the lovely Zak Jane Keir at my blog today, sharing her thoughts about Victorian erotica and an excerpt from Amorous Congress! This hot new anthology, edited by my dear friend F. Leonora Solomon, hit the stands on September 1, 2017, and is already creating quite a buzz. Let’s find out more, shall we? Take it away, Ms. Keir:

To be honest, I’m a bit of a lazy sod, so I don’t write accurate historical erotica – too much research. What I do love, though, is the trappings of the Victorian era: corsets, social change and technological innovation. So, yes, when I saw F.Leonora Soloman’s call for stories to go in this collection, I sent her a quick email asking if steampunk was acceptable. Luckily for me, she said Yes, and I set to work to come up with another story in my steampunk universe.

About 20 years ago, I discovered Wilhelm Reich’s theory of orgone accumulation – the idea that human beings emit particles of a specific energy at the moment of orgasm. To forestall any yelping from those proper scientist types reading this: I know full well that it doesn’t exist, doesn’t work and is scientifically invalid. But it makes for a wonderful steampunk concept – orgasm-powered transport! Orgasm-powered heating and lighting! Throwing in the also-debunked idea that vibrators were invented by Victorian doctors to cure hysteria just increases the fun factor.

My story, “To Further The Cause Of Science”, involves a spanking party set up to explore the idea that being spanked increases the amount of orgones a person can produce. It’s probably not too much of a spoiler to let you know that the experiment is successful…

Are you ready for an excerpt? Yes, I think you are:

To Further the Cause of Science

by Zak Jane Keir

Abigail Chescott surveyed her drawing room and smiled: all was in readiness. She had been somewhat diverted by the powerfully-built young men who had arrived that afternoon to deliver and assemble the curious contraption her clever niece had informed her was a “modified Reichian cabinet” but had considered it the better course of action to refrain from questioning them too closely as they went about their task. Eileen had in fact implied that the men knew only as much of the device and its purposes as was necessary for them to erect it, and that this state of affairs was the deliberate choice of her employer.

Mrs Chescott, on the other hand, had been allowed to know quite a lot about Dr Williams’ experiments and, indeed, her niece’s own role in bringing about the ‘remarkable breakthrough’ that had led to the development of this latest machine. She relished hearing of Eileen’s scientific studies, more so than she had expected. She had taken an interest in the girl over the past few years, recognizing an independent mind and a hunger for adventure that was akin to her own, but if what Eileen had to say was true then the potential for wonderful changes to the somewhat restrictive milieu they both inhabited was really quite exhilarating. Eileen and Dr Williams had discovered, it seemed, a way to harness humanity’s carnal passions and utilise them to power machinery. Eileen had even been good enough to say that her aunt had, however inadvertently, contributed to the discovery the scientific pair had made some ten or eleven months ago by the fortuitous gift of a Taylor Patent Vibrator.

Mrs Chescott had protested that she intended only to encourage her niece to enjoy the health-giving benefits such devices could bring by regular induction of what some still called the hysterical paroxysm, but Eileen had been quite insistent that, without the Vibrator, she would never have achieved the necessary physical release which had… And here Mrs Chescott had laughingly brought the discussion to a close. She was not, she had declared, of a sufficiently scientific mind to comprehend Eileen’s description of particles transmitted and illuminating crystals, or the ideas behind the harvesting of an energy source.

However, when Eileen visited again, the girl had talked a little more of the procedures  and Mrs Chescott had begun to peruse the scientific magazines she was  in the habit of keeping in the house for the benefit of gentleman callers, seeking out more information on  the matter. So it was that when Eileen expressed frustration over the difficulties involved in acquiring test subjects for further experimentation,

Mrs Chescott had felt able to propose a solution: if it was possible to transport the necessary equipment to her townhouse, she would hold a very select soiree during which her guests might avail themselves of the opportunity to try the device.  She understood that there was some slight risk to herself in making her niece aware of the exact nature of the select soirees which regularly took place in her townhouse, but the experiments Eileen had talked of performing with her employer were of a similarly scandalous nature and Abigail Chescott had always appreciated the opportunity to take a risk.

Intriguing! Pick up a copy of Amorous Congress on Amazon right now.

About the author:

Zak Jane Keir has been writing about sex and sexuality for over 20 years. These days she devotes most of her time to erotic fiction, and has had stories published by Nexus, Xcite, House of Erotica, Sexy Little Pages and Riverdale Avenue. She lives in England with teenage offspring and three demanding goldfish.

Visit her website at, and follow her on Twitter: @dirtysexyworld or @decadentmadamez.

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