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The Hunger Moon

The Hunger Moon

Happy Halloween, my lovely readers!

Today’s story is more sexy than scary, but does include a vampire, (the always entertaining Snake Vinter from my book Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe), and was written especially for Kayla Lord’s Masturbation Monday meme. Speaking of Kayla Lords, she’s celebrating two occasions today, one being her birthday, and two being her recent marriage to J. Brownstone! Congratulations and warm birthday wishes to you, Kayla!!!

The Hunger Moon

by Oleander Plume

Walking into the ship’s kitchen at 3:00 am, Gunner didn’t expect to find anyone else awake, which was why he hadn’t bothered to put on pants.

“Snake?” he said to the figure standing in the dim light.

“Evening, Gunner. What are you doing up?” Snake’s voice had a huskier tone than usual.

“Need water,” Gunner said, fumbling for a glass.

“Here, this might help.” Gunner heard a click when Snake switched on a light. He squinted against the glare, surprised to see the vampire fully dressed and shrugging into a long leather coat.

“Where are you going?” Gunner glanced at the clock on the stove. “It’s 3 am.”

“Out to feed,” Snake said as he adjusted his collar. “I’m dying of thirst, but Sugar is sound asleep.”

Gunner swallowed. “I’m awake.”

Snake’s fangs glimmered when he smiled. “Are you offering yourself to me?”

“Yes,” Gunner said, but changed his answer to, “I think so,” when he noticed that Snake’s eyes were completely black from pupils to sclera, indicating his intense need for blood.

“Before you decide for sure, let me show you something.” Snake tugged a pocket watch from the inside of his coat and opened the face, revealing an image of a blood red moon. “This is happening right now in my homeland Vinterbourne, a phenomenon we call ‘The Hunger Moon’. Every twelve months, the moon turns crimson, and we vampires spend the next 24 hours drinking blood and fucking until we pass out.” He snapped the watch shut. “You might not want to be around me.”

Snake’s coat brushed against Gunner’s naked body and he shivered. “Why would you think that?”

“I’ll play with you like a cat with a mouse until you’re completely spent.” Snake rubbed the pad of a thumb across one of Gunner’s nipples, making him shiver even harder. “I already wore out Sugar.”

“And you think that lame argument is going to make me say no?” Gunner stared Snake in the eyes and tried to look fierce. “Bring it, vamp.”

“That’s my good, brave, lad.” Snake pushed Gunner back against the refrigerator and kissed him with hungry lips and a greedy tongue while gently kneading both of his nipples. “Such pretty tits,” he said after pulling away from Gunner’s mouth. “I need to taste.”

Snake knelt on the tiled floor and kissed, sucked, and licked Gunner’s nipples until they were so sensitive, he almost couldn’t stand it. “More,” Gunner moaned, pushing his chest against Snake’s face.

“You’ll love this, then.” Snake nipped one pink bud, causing Gunner to have a small orgasm that left him aching all over.

“Do it again,” Gunner moaned.

Snake stared up at him while he licked the blood away, enthralling Gunner with his vampiric gaze. “Bend over the counter,” he commanded. “There are other parts of you I want to eat.”

Without hesitation, Gunner did as Snake asked.

“Good lad,” Snake said. “Show me what I want to see.”

Gunner spread his legs and arched his back, hoping to make the view more tantalizing, happy when he heard Snake’s harsh inhale, even happier when he felt Snake’s tongue gliding up and down the valley of his ass.

“Yeah, like that.” Gunner pushed back and was rewarded with a light spank.

“Eager boy, let me play.”

“I need to come. Make me come.”

Snake teased Gunner’s hole with what felt like a fingertip. “I warned you,” he said. Gunner felt Snake’s lips on his right ass cheek, followed by a sharp sensation that made another small spurt of come shoot from his dick.

“Did you just bite my butt?”

Snake chuckled. “Tickles, doesn’t it?” He did it again. “You’re delicious. I’m going to eat you up.”

More bites, more licking, Gunner moaned loud enough to wake the dead when Snake finally wriggled his tongue deep inside his ass. He heard dirty words being spoken, completely unaware that it was his voice saying them. “Get in deeper, Snake. Fuck me with your tongue.”

Instead, Snake stopped. “I’m so thirsty, pet.” He turned Gunner around and got back on his knees. “A quick bite and then more fun, I promise.”

Leaning his head back, Gunner closed his eyes. He felt Snake hold his dick against his stomach with one hand, while pushing his sack up with the other. Gunner gripped the edge of the counter, panting in anticipation. Hot breath, needle-like fangs, Snake’s bite milked semen from his balls and a raspy groan from his throat.

When finished, Snake stood and kissed Gunner. He could taste his own blood on Snake’s lips. “You’re my tasty little toy and I’m going to play with you for hours,” Snake whispered. Legs shaking, Gunner took the hand Snake offered and let him lead him into the living room. “I want you to lay across my lap,” Snake said as he sat down on the couch.

“No spankings,” Gunner said as he got into position, feeling sexy and naughty since Snake was still fully dressed. He heard a bottle open and felt something wet trickling down his ass.

“Don’t fall asleep on me, pet.”

Gunner sighed happily when one of Snake’s fingers invaded his hole. “Don’t worry,” he said. One finger became two, the fullness in his ass hardened Gunner’s cock. He ground against Snake’s lap in time with his fingerfucking.

“I can feel how hard you are again, already. My venom is working.”

Gunner lifted his head. “Venom?”

“Only for tonight, until the red moon fades, you’ll be as hungry as me.” Snake’s fingers probed deeper.

“Mmm, yeah, fuck me.”

Snake removed his fingers and gave Gunner’s butt a soft paddling with an open hand that made him giggle. “See, spankings can be fun.” He reached between Gunner’s legs and stroked his balls. “So full, they’re throbbing. How about you sit on my lap and ride my cock?”

After unfastening Snake’s pants and coating his long dick with lube, Gunner straddled Snake’s thighs and lowered himself down.

“Slowly, pet, take an inch at a time, no need to rush,” Snake said, his voice like cream.

“But I want it.”

“Do as I say,” Snake said as he stared into Gunner’s eyes.

Gunner gave in, letting Snake enthrall him completely. Inch by inch, Snake’s dick spread him open, filling him with warmth and lust. “It’s so good, Snake, it’s so fucking good.” He felt the coolness of Snake’s leather pants against his skin.

“There, you have all of me.” Snake bit into one of his own fingers and pushed the wounded digit into Gunner’s mouth. “Now, drink. Let my venom consume you.”

Snake’s blood sparkled against Gunner’s tongue. After the last swallow, a rush of emotion stole his breath and amped his ardor. He gripped Snake’s shoulders and rode him hard, barely comprehending the pleasure that wracked his body.

“Are you ready to fly with me?” Snake asked.

Of course, he said yes. Lost in decadence, Gunner would have agreed to anything. Snake held Gunner tight and sank his fangs into Gunner’s neck. The orgasm that followed was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. He felt light enough to float, yet still tethered to the ground by Snake’s cock, which twitched inside him as Snake came, too.

Now limp, Gunner rested his body against Snake. “Ready for more?” Snake asked.

“Gimme five minutes,” Gunner mumbled. The next thing he remembered was being gently lowered into bed next to Horatio.

“Hey, Snake, what the hell did you do to my cupcake?”

Gunner heard Snake laugh. “I could tell you, Horatio, but I’d much rather show you.”

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