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When Molly Moore asked me to do the Sinful Sunday Round-up this week, my original plan was to do just that – pick the top five, no muss no fuss. While perusing the impressive gallery, however, I found that some of the images had stories to tell.

I decided to use this inspiration as my guide when picking my top five. Having done that, I decided to take it a step further, and write a story based on one of the photos.

Which turned out to be quite difficult!

So many inspiring images, how can a writer choose? If you know me at all, you are aware of my affinity for M/M erotica, so my choice may not surprise you. Without further ado, may I first introduce my muse, and her amazing photo (used with permission):

Exposing 40

And now, let me tell you a story…

Rough Waiting

by Oleander Plume

“Here? Are you sure?”

Liam gives me his sly smirk, the one that makes me say yes when I should say no.

“Fine, then.”

I take off everything: shoes, socks, jeans, underwear, sweater, but I leave my knit hat on because it is November after all. Taking care not to scrape my naked skin against the bark, I stretch out on top of an immense fallen tree, face down, arms draped above my head.

Liam binds my wrists and ankles with soft rope. “Are you comfortable?”

Cock hardening underneath me, I am the antithesis of comfort, but I know complaining is pointless. Liam will take his time, just like always.

He folds my sweater and tucks it under my chin. “That’s better, yes?”

“Loads,” I say with a roll of my eyes.

“Don’t pretend you don’t love this.” He rests his phone between my bound wrists and tilts it until I can see the screen properly. “Now, I want you to watch this video and remember all the things I can do to you.” His voice tickles my ear. “All the things I will do to you.”

I hear him walk away, twigs snapping, fallen leaves rustling. On the screen I see myself, naked and bound to a chair. Liam is kneeling next to me, stroking my hard cock. I watch myself come, eyes squeezed shut, mouth open. That day, he edged me for two hours before bringing me to that moment of sweet release.

How long will he make me wait today?

The scene changes. In this one, I’m also face down, but tied to our bed. Liam is on top, taking me to ecstasy with his hard dick. I watch his ass muscles flex as he fucks me, and my hunger grows.

“Liam,” I whisper to the trees, but he doesn’t answer.

As if on cue, the screen cuts to black. With no visual to entertain me, I am forced to live in this moment, forced to breathe and feel each sensation: the delicate caress of the crisp autumn air, the contrasting warmth of dappled sunlight, and my bed of rough bark.

When the screen lights up again, I see a close-up of Liam’s face. “I’m sure you hated that moment of solitude, Grant, since you’re such a junkie for instant gratification.” He smiles. “How horny are you right now? I’ll bet you’re ready to hump that tree, am I right?”

“Bastard,” I mutter to his on-screen visage.

A barrage of clips follow, an assault to my senses. Kissing. Touching. Licking. Fucking. My skin is starving, and I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Why did I agree to this tortuous game? The video cuts to black again, but I can still hear Liam’s voice warbling from the phone.

“Imagine I’m there. What would you want me to do first? Spread you open and lick? Or impale you with my hard cock? Maybe you would like a little spanking first? Or a toy? Think about it, I mean, you have plenty of time.”

Minutes tick by. I’m squirming. Cold, aching, needing. Finally, I hear him approach and my body lights up, every nerve ready to be played by his fingers and mouth.

“Cold?” he asks. He pulls my hat down so that it covers my face. “That’s better, yes?”

As I listen to him walk away, I silently curse his name.

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