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Release Day Extravaganza: BWE Volume 3 with Dr. J.

Release Day Extravaganza: BWE Volume 3 With Dr. J.

What’s BWE?

Only the most anticipated erotica anthology of the year! Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, this latest installment of Best Women’s Erotica of the Year features one of my most favorite writer friends, Dr. J! She’s here to share not only her thoughts about her story “Infused Leather”, but a short excerpt as well.

Can you share some thoughts about your piece?

Most people wonder if I wrote the story about sexual abuse because of my work in sex therapy. I didn’t intentionally write this story from that vantage point. I do believe that after a life-long career of helping folks to heal, that perhaps my work has so thoroughly integrated itself into my being that it comes out without specific thought. I’ll be the first to say this story surprised me.

I am, however, still rooted in my belief that sexuality can be positive and to that end, I write for readers to feel permission, receive limited information about sexuality and even sometimes, specific suggestions. These things were the hallmark of my practice, and they are still part of my everyday life.

What inspired you to write “Infused Leather”?

I think I’m one of those authors where the story finds me. That was the case with “Infused Leather”. The submission call for Best Women’s Erotica of the Year rolled around in my head last summer as I flew across the country to visit my child. On the way back, walking down the concourse in the Atlanta airport this story struck, and everything went into slow motion. I looked to the left and saw the coffee shop. To the right, I saw the shoeshine stand. As I continued observing with that back and forth motion, the story idea zapped me in full form. Angie and Harold even emerged as if they were holograms.

When people ask me how I came up with the story, I laugh because I imagined feeling like Melanie Griffin in Working Girl when she explained how she came up with the original idea for her project that Sigourney Weaver stole from her. When an idea feels significant, and grabs on to you, you remember the details of how it happened, at least, I do.

And now for an excerpt:

Harold selected his cleaning items and went to work on my boots. His intensity intrigued me. He moved with single-mindedness and with loving action to his strokes. Noting that, I made my move. I pulled the fabric of my flowing skirt up into my lap and flashed my bare lips, outlined by my makeshift leather shoelace cutout panties. My G-string made from shoe-string. His hands froze in mid-air. A brief, lopsided grin appeared on his face and then he went back to work.

The more he watched the view between my legs, the more he cleaned my leather boots by feel. As he shined them, he got hard, which in turn made me wet. He seemed to be cleaning away something hurtful.

“Harold, let me do your shoes.”

“Are you sure, Ang?”

I nodded my head, and we traded places. He caught me off-guard when he slipped off his leather belt and placed it on the stool. Harold had a leather fetish, and now, he knew I knew it.


Hop on board the Amazon train and pick yourself up a copy! The stellar reviews of BWE are already rolling in, check out this one from The Library Journal and this one from Publishers Weekly.

About Dr. J:

Dr. J writes erotica while enjoying the island life in Florida. She is a retired sex therapist, crafting her first erotic romance novel set in a sex education institute. Everyday life inspires her stories and she finds sexy writing inspiration in the small corners of her world.

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