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Nab Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe for 99 Cents

Nab Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer Of The Universe For 99 Cents

That’s a LOT of book for less than a buck. Still not convinced? Check out some of these reviews:

“OMG!!! I am in love with this book. The characters are like a drug to me, I have to learn more about them with each page turn. Yes it is a long book but itโ€™s soooooo good. Itโ€™s funny, adventurous and entertaining. I feel this book is a written version of the movie Buckaroo Banzai if it had graphic M/M sex scenes.

“Sometimes this girl just wants to get her kink on. I want lots of smutty mm sex without getting hung up in drama and angst and plot. This book hit all the right buttons and then some, plus it was just a whole lot of fun. The characters range from quirky to bizarre both in personalities and looks. The sex is off the charts. The plot is interesting and compliments/advances all of the smexy man time. The adventures are exciting and continually add to said smexy man time. The bad guys are evil and nasty and usually have a lot of teeth, and the good guys are gorgeous and sexy and love a good shag. And they all just ooze personality. Oh, and there’s even some good old-fashioned love. Don’t let the length scare you off. It is a very fast paced action filled read. And the sex never gets boring.”

“The adventures of Gunner, Horatio, and the pirates are mostly X-rated, but humorous, and all lead to the unexpected conclusion. The book provided a nice break from depressing reality!

“Such a lengthy book, so many wonderfully written (not to mention HOT!!) characters, stellar descriptions, crazy fun humor, plenty of man on man (on man on man on man on man…) sex scenes that are scorching hot, romance ๐Ÿ’œ, an actual plot (!!!), and a twist ending that will leave you wondering what’s next for this motley crew of hunks! ๐Ÿ˜˜ This is one sexy, humorous, sci-fi, sex romp across the universe I won’t soon forget!

Wow, I am actually blushing! To all of you who have left reviews: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY SMUTTY LITTLE HEART!!

Act now, because this sale is only good for a week! Click the links and get Horatio right damn now!


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