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Pleasure Platform

Pleasure Platform

A few weeks ago, I, along with my sisters in smut Dr. J and Mischa Eliot, participated in a group podcast session with the always awesome Gio from Consensually Speaking. (Which will be airing sometime in February, stay tuned for further details!)

To say we had a good time would be the understatement of the century. We had a BLAST! Armed with cue cards, many beverages, and even a secret word, we talked about a variety of topics, from writing erotica to how important it is to have writer comrades.

At the end, when Gio asked about our future plans, Dr. J said:

“I have a pleasure platform and I am going to use it!”

Of course, Mischa and I loved this concept. A pleasure platform! Did we have one? Should we have one? The three of us discussed the matter later in the evening, and we all sort of shouted at the same time: “Let’s each write a blog post stating our own pleasure platform.”

Before I state mine, I would like to share a bit about how my sisters in smut and I support each other. Or, as Dr. J so eloquently put it, our-

Pleasure Platform Collaboration:

Every writer needs a support group, be it one person or twenty. I knew from the moment we started our first group text that these ladies were special. We come from different places, but we share so much, from our positive spin on erotic fiction, to our humor.

And let me tell you how Dr. J and Mischa Eliot make me laugh! I could be as low as low can get and they will find a way to cheer me up, with jokes, GIFS, or silly quotes.

They inspire. We text each other all day, every day. Sometimes we just check in on each other, but occasionally, when there’s enough time, we have mini writer workshops. The ideas fly as we feed each other’s creativity. In fact, just yesterday, my sisters inspired a new series that I will be posting on the blog very soon, but, NO SPOILERS.

We edit for each other. We beta read for each other. We help each other promote. Most importantly, we encourage each other to do our best. That right there is the essence of our collaboration: by lifting each other, we lift ourselves.

My Personal Pleasure Platform:

Goal number one: create sexy erotica that entertains and satisfies, while also giving the reader a safe space to get lost in. Consent is at the heart of everything I write, and I will always use content/trigger warnings if needed.

Goal number two: keep honing my skills but allow myself the grace to make mistakes as I learn. A little self-doubt can be a good thing, as it forces us to edit more carefully, but too much is a creativity killer, and a set-up for writer’s block.

Goal number three: create as many diverse characters as possible. I want to write about gay super heroes. Queer adventurers. Lesbian vampires who prey on old, white Republicans. Non-binary supermodel werewolves who take over Washington DC and make positive changes that benefit all of humanity.

Goal number four: work even harder to be a helpful member of the smut writing community. Being a lone wolf is great if you’re a bounty hunter, but remember, wolves travel in packs for a reason: there is strength in numbers. When you help one erotic writer succeed, you help them all.

Think of any voracious reader you know. They don’t want to just read ONE book, they want to read ALL THE BOOKS! We don’t need to compete, friends. We need to collaborate. We need to unify. WE NEED TO BAND TOGETHER AS A SMUT ARMY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

*deep breaths*

Sorry, I got carried away. But seriously, A SMUT ARMY!! Okay, back to the list.

Goal number five: write a best seller and conquer the world. Yes, that’s lofty. But, aim high, because, why the hell not? We should all aim high, because if we don’t, what is the point?

Goal number six: stay humble, (even if I, by some miraculous miracle, accomplish number five), because you must always stay humble or your creativity will stagnate. The best part of doing anything is watching yourself improve.

Goal number seven: use my writer platform to help promote sex positivity. Folks, we need to help end slut shaming. We need to help stomp out homophobia. We need to educate people about lube! Seriously, there is a myth out there that if “you’re doing it right, you don’t need lube.”

*tears out hair*

Erotica can not only entertain, it can educate. It can inspire. Sure, it can also be wank fodder, but that’s important, too. So, that’s it. That’s my pleasure platform. Now, tell me yours! But first, check out these eloquent posts from my sisters in smut:

Dr. J’s Pleasure Platform

Mischa Eliot’s Pleasure Platform

(You can listen to all our separate podcasts with Gio right here.)


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  1. Ahhhh! Yes, let’s form a smut army! We’ll wear sexy clothes, leather trench coats, and fedoras and carry lube-shooting squirt guns! Lubricate the world for lots of slippery smutty sex!

  2. I’m here for the smut army. Is there a physical I have to take and will it be kinky? 😈

    I love the idea of a pleasure platform! It seems like it helps you figure out where you’re headed/where you want to be and tells anyone who reads it, what they can expect (sort of). Almost like a value/missions statement but good, helpful, and of course, smutty. ☺️

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