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Save Water, Shower With a Friend

Save Water, Shower With A Friend

I was texting with my sisters in smut this morning, when Mischa Eliot said: “Hey, Oleander, does Horatio know it’s ‘shower with a friend’ day? I’d love a naughty snippet of Hoho and Cupcake, please.”

The fact that both Mischa and Dr. J never forget that Horatio’s mother nicknamed him ‘Hoho’, (or that Horatio refers to Gunner as his cupcake), was reason enough to whip this up. I mean, friends who remember such obscure details from your book deserve anything their hearts desire. After composing this very short flash, I remembered it was also Masturbation Monday. So, this here tiny tale is dedicated to Mischa, Dr. J, and Kayla Lords, for always inspiring me to keep writing.

Horatio stopped Gunner before he stepped into the cavernous shower stall that looked like it belonged in a posh, private school locker room.

“Snake said we’re leaving in 15. Maybe we should shower together. You know, to save time.”

“To save time?” Gunner’s sexy smirk made Horatio dizzy.

Horatio nodded. “And water. We need to reduce our carbon footprint, right?”

“I can’t argue against saving the environment.” Gunner got under the spray and tilted his head back, letting the water cascade over his long, thick hair.

Between running from the red-haired menace Meridian and Snake’s endless missions, Horatio felt like he never had enough time to just admire Gunner. He figured he owed it to himself to enjoy 5 minutes of ogle time. Besides, he’d fibbed a little. Snake said they were leaving in 30, not 15.

Horatio watched Gunner pour shower gel into his palm and rub it over his muscular chest. His perky nipples. His tight abs.

“Oh, baby,” Horatio muttered.

“Are you getting in here, or what?” Gunner asked as he soaped up his hips.

“In a minute.”

Horatio twisted the hem of his T-shirt in both hands, too enamored with the current visual to manage getting undressed. Gunner was lathering up his dick. Slowly. While staring at Horatio with possibly the sexiest expression Horatio had ever seen.

“We’re not saving any time. Or water,” Gunner said, now stroking his sack, hard cock pointing directly at Horatio as if challenging him to swallow it down.

“Two more minutes.”

Gunner turned to rinse his front, giving Horatio a long look at his adorable back side. Broad shoulders, tapered waist, round ass, toned legs, Gunner had the taut, lean body of a soccer player.

“You’re going to make us late,” Gunner said, reaching behind himself to rub soap into his ass cheeks, which was exciting enough, but when he spread those cheeks to wash in between, Horatio had to dig his toes into the bathmat to steady himself.

“Don’t care.”

Gunner bent forward and intently scrubbed his crack. Fingers frothy, hips undulating, he moaned a little before saying, “Snake will be pissed.”

Sweat trickled down the back of Horatio’s neck. Gunner had the sweetest ass in the galaxy. He wanted to bury his face between those smooth ass cheeks and lick, and lick, and lick – stopping occasionally to tongue fuck Gunner’s tight hole.

“Snake can wait.”

Gunner turned around to face Horatio. “But I can’t.”

Horatio advanced in two quick steps. He pressed Gunner against the wall of the shower and kissed his pouty lips, using one hand to stroke Gunner’s dick – the dick he wanted inside him as soon as possible.

Giggling, Gunner pushed Horatio away. “Is this how you shower now?”

As he looked down at his wet clothes, Horatio groaned.

“But, at least I remembered to take my shoes off.”

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