What is the difference between deep learning and artificial learning?

We all study and learn somewhere weather it your school or home there is no limit for studying and there is no age for learning. You must have heard that people can learn till they die and still they will not gain all knowledge of this universe. It carries a lot of things with it which can look easy but is not that to learn. People have made learning a technological thing that can be now used as a way where the computer can know for us. So today I will tell you the difference between those two learning known as artificial and deep learning.

Artificial intelligence or artificial learning

Well, this is simply a learning or a way to provide all your learning to your computer. These also known as machine learning in computer language. This gives your computer or machine the accessories of thinking for themselves and thinking for a solution without us helping them. Usually what happens is that when we command the machine to do anything that time only it will do. When we processed a thing that does this in this and do that when that happens or if this situation comes up. Then only the machine is going to react and act according to it. But when we decided to aim for artificial intelligence at that time we tend to give all of our thinking capabilities to a machine. In artificial intelligence now machines can work how they want to think about how they want and can adapt to the situation. They won’t be needing our help and they won’t be needing our command once they got the problem they will solve it by thinking of a solution and adapting to it.

The idea of artificial learning is not that bad and will be a revolution for the world. You may have noticed that on the internet there are these cars and bikes are been showing where it can follow the persona and can drive on its own right? That is also an example of artificial learning where you see a machine acting without your help and without you controlling it.

This is a good idea but it’s also a bad thing for humans. People like Elon musk a great inventor also have been thinking about this, and many others have said that this is what you to be dangerous for humans. I’m with them for sure if you let a machine gets all the control all the knowledge of the human brain and even let it work on its own think on its own. One day they will for sure going to kill us and destroy our small world. Just imagine any robot movies of Hollywood like Irobot just without a good robot in it. Imagine terminator without Arnold Schwarzenegger. Where John Carter won’t be alive and live to see the world. Well, that can be soon possible, can we stop it? Yes, we can, but we will? Nope, we will not and it will keep going on. As we all love the idea of changing the world and making it a better place where we can rest and machines can work for us. That leads us to artificial learning and that will maybe lead us to something more and more dangerous.

Deep learning

While deep learning is no different from machine learning you can even say that it’s the most feared one in both. It’s an exact replica of our whole system and whole-brain function. We will be giving not just our brain learning but the exact everything to the machine by this learning method. The period to do this will take a long time, people think it’s a good idea. That it’s worth dealing with the time and it will revolutionize the world by its uses and what it will achieve. This is true In a way that it can give you more data that you simple artificial learning would be able to give. The time taken to train this learning method to a machine is way more time consuming that your artificial learning too. This is the worst nightmare too of humans, the learning will help to make robots. The scientist says that they will use them to help country wars and used in services and all but will it happen? It’s been said that in 20 to 30 years our world will be full of machines that will be working and taking over our world and maybe it will affect the way these both learning is based. These algorithms can be taken as a dangerous method to harm humans.…

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The complete guide to buying a portable Bluetooth speaker

When you are trying to buy anything I would say buy like a pro. A total newbie buyer should even buy like a pro and hide that he is a newbie. While you go to the store to buy they will always think of you a newbie and most of the Time they would know if you are a pro or not. Just when you enter a room, amazing right. Well, believe me, it is like that they will treat you according to that only. Maybe they all have some kind of superpower that lets them know what you are. If you are a newbie or a pro. But that is out of the question now as to why go get from store when you can easily buy it from your mobile phone or your PC. So what I just tell you it’s a warning for all of you who still buy from the store.

So when you try to buy a PC or any kind of electronic like headphones or speaker you go-to an online shopping website and search a few models that you see first is price. If you are not in that category, then you are in the brand category as you guys just believe in the brand. There’s a last category of buyers which I called lazy buyers. That doesn’t give a damn they will just buy whatever someone recommended them or they see it on-trend and on Television plus social media sites. So if you are any one of them those which I know you I would say that you are not doing it right. Anyone of you is not going the right way to shop when you are trying to buy any electronic not always price is the best way. The brands sometimes miss things that a little low price one gives with the same quality. Also while lazy ones the only reason you are seeing them is that they are getting promoted for money.

I will tell you some things that you can do while checking your speaker and then act like a pro. Somethings that you should be looking for when you trying to buy a new speaker. As that is what we are here for.

Battery life

When you are trying to buy a portable speaker you make sure your battery life stays good. A speaker without a good battery life will just ruin your best moment. There are speaker that gives you great battery life and that gives you okay battery life. But believe me, if you try finding good and from the heart, you will find the ones with god-level battery life. That with just one charge will run through your whole day. The thing is totally up to you which level you want and what battery life you want. But I know there is nothing better than being a god of battery life. Why be a simple portable speaker with 7 hours or 15 Hours battery where you can get almost 22 or 24 hours or even more battery level. But if the god level is beyond your budget At Least settle and get the least 12 to 15 hours of battery life.

Water resistance

As now everyone is competing in the market with each other and all companies want their products to sell that means the competition gets up. Which leads you to the advantage of getting great features in a medium price range. So whatever happens no need to settle down to a speaker that doesn’t have your water resistance feature. No matter how good it may look and how cheap it is you need that water protection.

Sound quality

This is the thing that your buying speaker for so this is must know and must check things when you are looking for speakers. Go for a good speaker makes sure the bass and treble are good. Get the 3D surround sound and good sound quality too. If you want to check it sound quality just see the model and then go check it. Never ever just trust the words on the website. They will never going to say it’s bad, so go on YouTube type the speaker and check. There is no point in getting a speaker without good sound quality.

Excellent speaker are affordable

I know until now you must be thinking he did say quite good and sensible stuff. But I don’t really have that much money, believe me, you will get all this in an affordable speaker without spending hundreds of dollars. Like I said because of competition the price is getting cheaper and easily accessible.…

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