Well, there is a thing about driving vehicles that you always get assistance of some kind nowadays. You can see which speed you are driving and where are you going and what places are you in easily. Even with you’re mobile, you can check that the speed of your vehicle moving using a speedometer or a GPS that also works as a speedometer. So which of those two.you should be used for better speed accuracy? For that, we do need to dig some dirt and find it out.

What is a speedometer?

Simply it is a gauge that lets you check the speed of your vehicle when you are driving, you would know in what speed you are going. Well, you even get this on your vehicles too that will tell you what speed you are on. So you can slow down or can drive faster than the speed limit because of that.

What is your GPS?

GPS speedometers are the ones that will locate where you are, tell you the time you will take to drive to your destination, how much distance is left, what’s the speed of your vehicle. They can easily switch to km h to Mph in just a few seconds. They have tended to tell your vehicle speed more accurately than your speedometer gauge in your vehicle.

Which one gives more accurate speed reading?

Well, to be honest, this will get people in a lot worse mood than they would have been. The thing about speedometers is that they are way too inaccurate. When you go to the above limit you will see that your vehicle gets way far ahead but your gauge always getting slowly up and not at the same speed you are.

So why does it happen?

Well, mostly the speedometer in vehicles we see are mechanical and electric. Mechanical are the ones that tend to be used even today in some vehicles but mostly new ones are giving you an electric that is your digital speedometer.

Mechanical speedometer

Mechanical speedometer are simple to make and can be made with just your cable, magnets, speed cup, hairspring, terminal Pointer that is the needle that points the speed. So after joining them and getting them together when you start your car, it provides you with the relative that is almost near accuracy of the vehicle speed.

When your vehicle is running then the driver cable that gets attached to an output shaft, it Carries a motion which goes to the drive cable. That makes the driver cable start rotating just as the same speed the shaft is rotating. The shaft is rotating as the speed of the vehicle is going, so that is how in chain system it measuring the speed. Later the driver cable that was rotating is attached to the magnet inside the speed cup. So the magnetic as soon receive the rotation from driver cable it starts to send some magnetic field to the speed cup and they not attached. They still have a little air space in between so the magnet sends the magnetic waves. That later sends some kind of current to the speed cup that makes a speed cup that consists of the needle to rotate and work in the same motion as the magnet. That is how you get to know what speed your car is running right now. So when you’re going fast your car rotates fast the outer shaft rotates fast. The driver cable rotates fast, the magnet field gets faster the current gets faster to the speed cup and the needle reacts to it as fast as it can.

Also, the same phenomena when you are driving your car slow, you drive to slow the salad moves and rotate slowly, the driver cable rotates slow, the magnet rotates slow the speed cup get slow current and the needle also rotate slow.

Electronic speedometer

Mostly used in your new cars and vehicles to make them go smoother when looking at the vehicle speedometer. In this, there is a sensor that is mounted or put into the output shaft of the vehicle. That simply send your electronics waves to the magnet circuit to your main circuit to your display. So if care moves more the better waves it will send the more circuit will get and display. Same thing while going slow too.


GPS uses simple science or you can say the math formula that we use in our school while solving the problem. We do know how to be sure speed right? As speed is equal to the time of the vehicle divided by the distance of the vehicle. It may look simple and not too mechanical and technology-based but let me tell you it’s the best way. The GPS tracks your location and your distance and with its all of time measuring and stuff. It provides you with accurate speed. Far way more accurate than the Speedometer of both type weather you take mechanical or your electronic one.

So no doubt in that GPS speed accuracy is way better than your speedometer accuracy.…

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