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“Chemical [se]X” by Oleander Plume

I had three double boilers set up. One contained white chocolate flavored with Kahlua. The mixture had a delicious creamy color, and the smell was intoxicating. The second was milk chocolate, flavored with mint, and the third recipe used dark chocolate and orange extract. I dipped a plastic spoon into the dark chocolate version and took a taste. The intense flavor coated my tongue and made me salivate. A fantasy popped into my head, which involved me dipping Wyatt’s cock into the sweet coating and then licking it clean. I gyrated against the seat of my chair and felt my panties moisten.

“You really don’t find it hot in here?”

“No, the air conditioning is really cranked up today. If you’re too warm, blame yourself for wearing those dopey socks.”

Despite his protests about the temperature, he shrugged out of his lab coat, then stood up to sharpen his pencil. I checked out his butt, it was cute, taut, and round enough to fill out the back of his faded jeans quite nicely. Another fantasy filled my head, this one of Wyatt’s naked ass bent over my knee, slightly pink after a paddling by my hand.

“Gotta pee.”

I bolted from the lab, and locked myself into the ladies room down the hall. My clit felt like it was swollen up to the size of a peach, and I half expected to see a bulge in my panties when I hiked up my skirt. Instead, I found underwear that were soaked from one edge of the elastic waistband to the other. After yanking them off over my socks and shoes, I tossed them into the trash, then began to mop up between my legs with a wad of paper towels. Just the sensation of the rough towel being dragged over my skin made me clench and I had a slight orgasm.

“Holy shit.”

I looked in the mirror. My face was flushed and I looked and smelled like I had just been gang fucked by an entire football team. Which turned me on even more, I literally smelled like sex and chocolate. My mouth was still watering over my fantasy about Wyatt’s cock, and I could almost taste it. When I got back to the lab, he was holding a vial that held a pale green liquid inside.

“It’s ready. How much should we put in?”


Well, the research continues and Jane’s G-spot sings Zippity Doo Dah, or so I’ve heard. But, if you want to know for sure, you could pick up of Chemical [se]X for your very own!

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