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Chemical [se]X – edited by Oleander Plume

[1] idea + [13] writers = an erotic anthology like no other!

Sex and chocolate! Was there ever such a marriage made in heaven? Isn’t the thought of it making you bite your lip? Chocolate melting on your tongue – desire pooling in your gut – there’s a chemical connection between sex and chocolate that makes our craving for the pair together far more than the sum of its parts.

Oleander Plume has always been obsessed by this coupling and so, inspired by her wicked short story “Chemical [se]X”, she corralled a baker’s dozen of erotica writers and force fed them chocolate until they complied with her wishes. Each one of them has turned in a mini-masterpiece of chocolate, seduction and red-hot sizzling sex that will have your cheeks burning and your fingers reaching for just…one…more.

All of the writers Oleander selected are at the top of their high caliber game. From seasoned writers who’ve already proved their mettle to a number of extraordinarily gifted newcomers, you’ll find so much satisfaction between these pages. In every story, the aphrodisiac chocolates developed in Oleander’s original story put in an appearance – causing a submissive to turn Domme, kicking off an orgy at a roller disco, rekindling a long-dead marriage, and playing havoc within the repressed confines of religious order. Men jump on men, a woman jumps on her husband’s boss, twosomes become threesomes become foursomes…these chocolates need to carry a warning—just like this book—too hot to handle!

Naturally, each copy of Chemical [se]X should come with its own small gold box of aphrodisiac chocolates. We’re so sorry it doesn’t! But rest assured, the stories you’ll find between these pages will leave you just as heated as any aphrodisiac could have done. Finger-licking good!

Featuring stories by: Annabeth Leong, C.E. Hansen, Dario Dalla Lasta, Ella Dawson, Exhibit A, F. Leonora Solomon, Jacob Louder, Jade A. Waters, L. Maretta, Oleander Plume, Malin James, Tabitha Rayne, and Tamsin Flowers.

Take a bite of Chemical [se]X and taste the attraction!

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